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14 June 201106:34AMlife

Being at uni by yourself is boring. For starters, I have to actually study, since laughing like a brain-damaged kookaburra at Youtube videos in the middle of the library is sort of frowned upon. And the atmosphere in here is just a little intense. The guy next to me has set up some kind of campsite. He's got the makings of a pretty decent book-fort going on there. His appearance is unkempt, his expression filled with desparation. 'Help me', his eyes seem to say as they well over with tears.

The guy on the other side is asleep. Obviously he isn't worried about exams. He's actually snoring quite loudly, but nobody seems to want to do anything about it, which is understandable. I mean, what would you do, tap him on the shoulder and say "Excuse me, could you please stop making baby hippo noises with the back of your throat? Thanks." Awkward. I think I'll just do what everyone else's done and put some headphones in.

It was raining this morning. I woke up, and thought to myself that yeah, now I get to lie in bed and listen to the rain. And then my alarm went off. Goddamn it. That was annoying. Got my whole day off to a rubbish start, that did. And then it rained on me on my way to uni, and now my jacket smells funny cause its all damp, cause I forgot my umbrella.

Why yes, I am procrastinating, why do you ask?

So I was poking around in my backups in between watching lectures and I found a bunch of old phone videos. They're actually all pretty funny and/or memorable, and had I put them online as soon as they happened they would probably have got literally tens of views from people I know. As it stands though, they're all at least six months old, some of them more, and I don't think anyone would just watch them any more. It seems like a waste to just let them sit there and be forgotten though. I should see if I can do something about that.

I ran into a couple of people before. Apparently the physics exam is on today. I've been going to physics lectures, despite not doing the unit, mostly because everyone else is doing it, but also because I like physics, and because it gives me a lecture to slack off in so I can feel like a rebel without screwing up my own units.

Anyway, right. The exam (This is now about two hours later, by the way. Hello again.) just started. I briefly considered going in - they don't check if you're actually doing the unit, only that you are who your student card says you are. A couple of ideas came up in casual conversation. My original idea was to go in, and then about half an hour in announce loudly that I'd finished just to piss everyone off, and leave early. This then evolved into spending the first ten minutes of the exam getting progressively more distressed until finally tearing up the paper while screaming and rolling around on the floor. Which would've been hilarious. For me, at any rate. Anyway I didn't go in, because in all likelihood it wouldn't have been that entertaining to do any of the things which I could feasibly do. Also because I'm a chicken, and etc.

I can't really feasibly draw this post out any longer which means I need to get back to studying, unfortunately. Oh well. At least the snoring guy's left.

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