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Stop-motion Sunrise

26 June 201102:39PMlife

I've had a pretty interesting three days.

It all started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. By which I mean Friday. Friday was the first day after my exams finished, and I had a list of stuff which I needed to get done before the weekend. I am seriously not kidding when I say that it was the single most productive day I've ever had. Here's my list:

That's right. Paper diary. Suck it, internet.

In case you can't be bothered reading, that list reads:

I got every single one of those things done. And I even took dad's dog for a walk while I was over there. I know right? So freaking productive. And then my new shirt arrived, which is awesome and looks like this:

GROVERFIELD. From these guys. Awesome.

Saturday was when things got interesting. I'd been invited to 3 18th birthday parties on the one weekend, but I only went to one, because the one I said I'd go to was in Bunbury, which meant taking the train and spending the night down there. The train was exciting, although the Australind isn't nearly as spiffy as European trains (as in it's about 30 years old and gets overtaken by cars easily). It did have a pretty cool conductor type guy. He was black and American and made up rhymes for every stop, which was cool. On the way down I sat next to a guy who went to Murdoch, whose name I forget now, and we bitched about how poorly run our respective universities were, though I'm actually pretty cool with UWA and I suspect there may have been a hint of inter- institutional rivalry involved in his 'discussion' of UWA's reputation.

By the time I got to Bunbury, my butt was killing me, because the chairs on the Australind are really quite terrible. I was only about 6 hours early for the party, so I got co-opted into helping to move furniture around, which I was fine with. I also got to meet Jess' dogs, Sarge and Charlee (Dad's dog is also called that, but spelled Charley, supposedly, though I'm not sure anyone remembers that's how they decided to spell it), who are giant but still less- than-a-year-old German Shepards. They are very friendly, and look like this:

Can you believe something this size is only 14 months old?

Then, to my embarassment, I fell asleep on their sofa for about an hour, and didn't wake up until the second guest got there around four. From that point onward, the party sort of happened. It was pretty good. I had exactly one drink all night (something spirit-y in diet coke, which Jess insisted I try, and was alright, I guess.), and rode a wheeley chair around all night, and played darts with drunk people (dangerous!) and did Solo shots (which were just shots of Solo, the soft drink, because apparently "it tastes better that way") and danced badly, and then fell asleep again at around 11:30.

A guy Robin-Hood'd his darts. He was declared the winner instantly, despite not hitting the actual face.

Now I know what you're thinking. "What, you fell asleep at an 18th at 11:30? What is wrong with you?" Hear me out guys. Because I woke up again about an hour later, and everyone else had done the same, except about six of us including Jess, the host. Jess decided that she didn't want her party to end at midnight with everyone either leaving, asleep, or passed out, so she recruited us into continuing the party. Just a handful of us, with the music turned down, listening to the Pendulum ABC news remix, and trying to sing along to Take On Me and Mad World, and wondering whether the Body Shop sold actual cadavers along with colour swatches hardware-store style so you could match your corpse to your interior fittings, and admiring the painting which a guy called Jim had painted for Jess' birthday, and arguing about how The Sims 3 heralded the decay of modern society. And honestly? That was easily the best bit of the night.

We finally packed it in around 4, making up rude insults to the sun about how it was going to come streaming in the gigantic windows the next morning. Which it did, bit by bit. After about 6 I found myself waking up about every five minutes because of the sun, and the effect of it slowly increasing in brightness percolated into my sleep-deprived brain as a 'stop-motion sunrise'. Which would make a great band name, or perhaps a great post title! So now you know where that came from.

The morning basically turned into an extension of the previous night, but with Jess' brother's Bob Marley collection instead of Pendulum, which apparently, and I quote, was "so chilled its making the room colder", although I suspect the doors being open had more to do with that. I was quite impressed to notice that we had literally torn up the dance floor the previous night, and left the carpet all pill-y:

Woo, shred that carpet.

The day went considerably faster than the party last night, and pretty soon people had left and it was 2pm and I had to catch my train back to Perth. Which turned into its own little adventure.

The Australind got as far as Pinjarra. And then stopped. And stayed stopped. And then the announcer said the brakes were broken, and that we'd need to get coaches, which would take about an hour. They actually took quite a bit longer than that to arrive, which meant that I got to watch that curious phenomenon of people suddenly becoming social and talking to each other when something goes wrong. It also meant I got to watch people get more and more irritated, and feel quite zen about not being so myself, although that's probably because I was on my way back from something rather than to something, and also because I was (still am) quite sleep deprived. But I remember thinking that life is much more interesting when everything doesn't go exactly as predicted, which is probably also partially true and partially sleep-deprivation talking.

Speaking of getting irritated, the TransWA staff-types were really relaxed and friendly and organised, which I liked, cause they could easily have been grumpy and unhelpful like their Transperth cousins. I reckon I'll write a letter to the Public Transit Authority tomorrow and say so, 'cause these guys were really great. And seriously, not enough people actually make compliments when something goes right, especially compared to how many complain when something goes wrong. Which is silly and negative, really, so I think I should start doing something about that.

On the bus back I sat across from a girl (which is probably the wrong word... but woman is too old. She was 23) called Susie. She came from Perth, but had been living in Melbourne and studying at RMIT, and she liked hip-hop and taking photos of street art. I'm totally impressed with myself for getting in a conversation with strangers on a bus, because 12 months ago I know I would never have done it, and my life would be poorer for it.

And then I caught the train home, and got picked up, and had a shower and brushed my teeth (I'd been in the same clothes for about 36 hours solid, so... y'know. Ew.) And then I had dinner, and now I'm writing this, and I really actually want to be in bed. So the moral of this story is, agree to do interesting things, and your life will be interesting. And I haven't even mentioned missing Supanova and buying Pokemon Emerald on ebay, or that my phone went flat and that I forgot a fresh pair of socks and so wore sneakers and no socks all day today. (okay, well I have now, but shhh.)

And with that, I really, really, really need to get some sleep.


< Video editing, in case you didn't already know, is gloriously, amazingly, brilliantly time-consuming. This one, for example, took me about six hours to film and edit (not including having to wrestle codecs and stuff), which is six hours which I didn't have to spend studying! Which is just amazing. Why I'm not going to watch My Little Pony no matter how many times you ask me. >