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Video editing, in case you didn't already know, is gloriously, amazingly, brilliantly time-consuming. This one, for example, took me about six hours to film and edit (not including having to wrestle codecs and stuff), which is six hours which I didn't have to spend studying! Which is just amazing.

17 June 201104:46AMlife

Essentially, this latest procrastination method goes like this:

  1. Find old video on phone/camera/hard drive/whatever
  2. Realise that it's not really very interesting any more but that I still want to upload it.
  3. Construct elaborate scenario surrounding video
  4. Film and edit, place on Youtube.
  5. Rinse and repeat
  6. ...?
  7. Profit! (and by profit I mean avoid studying.)

So hopefully I keep doing this and it turns into a little series, instead of the great big EPISODE 1 at the beginning of this one just looking stupid.


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