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Almost Mug!

07 July 201103:17PMtea

Welcome to Part 2 of my 2-Part Tea Miniseries Special. In case you missed part one, in which I was apparently replaced by a graph-happy tea-swilling coffee- hating monkeystatistician, you can find that here. Also, you'll be able to receive updates on all zero future episodes by subscribing to the tag 'Tea', which you should now see in your sidebar.

Today, to go along with my newfound tea-swilling craze, I will be decorating a mug with the Aperture Science logo. Why the Aperture Science logo? Firstly, Aperture seem like exactly the kind of corporate entity to spend thousands on mugs, caps, t-shirts, notepaper, backpacks, umbrellas, folders, pens, barbecue sets, picnic rugs, and boules sets, without having any actual products or services to sell. And then change their logo, and ban all employees from using the old stuff, and have all new stuff made.* Secondly, because ThinkGeek has one, but a) it's round, which is stupid, and 2), it's black. Aperture's colour is white.. And do you know what colour the Black Mesa mug is? _White. _This is stupid. Thus, I shall exercise my fundamental capitalist right to not buy from them and make my own. That's a fundamental capitalist right, right?


You'll need:

So let's go find us a mug!

The first place I looked was this.

Second in blinding whiteness only to the Apple Store.

They had a truly bewildering array of mugs. None of them were flat, and none of them were cheap.

Honestly, some of these look more like garden implements to me.

Okay. Maybe I need to look somewhere more suited to my budget.

The shop, not the granny.

That's more like it. But they too, had a bewildering array of mugs.

At least these ones are colourful, albeit in all the wrong ways.

Alas most of these were pre-decorated. Of particular interest were the ones which were for cities which are definitely not Perth- perhaps targetted at those who forgot to buy souvenirs or gifts while overseas, and now regret it. I'm sure that's a massive demographic among mug-purchasers.


But at last, I stumbled upon a mug which fit my specifications. Actually, it was two mugs. One was the plain cylindrical shape I want, and the right size, and the other was white.

Never mind. Aperture beige it is! And at $1, who's complaining? Well, me. I'm complaining. But I shouldn't be. At least it's not black, right?


So, mug in hand, next up is the stencil. I'm not going to embarrass myself by saying how many attempts I made, first at printing, then at cutting out this stencil. Instead, I'll just cut straight to the finished, perfect stencil, and go with 'Here's one I prepared earlier!'.

And it's at this point that I run into a problem. You see, unbeknownst to me, we had carpenters coming today to rebuild the balcony, and more importantly, monopolise the garage and air compressor. So I didn't actually get a chance to do the painting today, which means I have to stop here. But do not fear! I shall have my revenge on the morrow, good sirs!

Stay tuned tomorrow, for the exciting conclusion to the Mug Saga!

*All of which are actual promotional products I've seen in a promotional pack from an engineering company.
**Also an actual story, from the same engineering company.

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