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Finally Mug!

11 July 201105:33AMtea

When we last left our intrepid adventurer, he was lamenting his lack of access to the spray gun. Now, we join him as he relates his tale of woe, and how you too can use a spray gun to spray paint a mug! _ _ In short, don't. What you get is a horrible smeary mess. See, it turns out that by reducing the viscosity of the paint so that it passes through the spray gun, you also reduce the viscosity of the paint so that it runs down behind the stencil and doesn't work at all. It could also have something to do with the fact that I was essentially using the high-gloss enamel furniture paint which I'd picked up before and hadn't really put much thought into whether or not this would work on a mug. A clue: it probably doesn't.

Okay, new plan. We raid my brother's modelling paints for enough acrylic to get the job done, use a brush by hand, and then never ever wash the mug ever. Now that sounds like a plan.

Let's go.

Hold on a sec, what's this?

Matt has spray paint? Jackpot! Right. I've watched him do this stuff before, and it gets everywhere. So what we need is a box (I'm sure there's a technical arty term for that, but it's a box) and some newspaper to cover the bits of the mug we don't want to be painted.

Like so. And.... SPRAY!

Now, the can says you can recoat in an hour, but the weather right now is cold and wet and horrible, so I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and leave it overnight.

...Twelve Hours Later...

Okay, I'm back! Did the second coat this morning, it's now about 1pm, and it's time to peel off the stencil for the big reveal. 3, 2, 1...

Flawless victory! Sure, the edges are a little on the wonky side, but for a grand total of one dollar, I think she's looking pretty good. Now all it needs is to be the star of a Glossy Promotional Pictureâ„¢, like ThinkGeek's is, and my kitchen bench is happy to oblige. (Seriously, best kitchen bench ever for taking photos. White backdrops for the win.)

Introducing The Aperture Science Heated Beverage Preparation And Containment Vessel (ASHBPACV or, as our engineers have taken to calling it, 'The Mug') *Features:*

*Not actually machine washable.

Customer Aperture Employee Former Aperture Employee Current Test Subject Action Shot:

Herp derp slurp.

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