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First things first...

03 July 201102:05PMlife

...I really should've posted this on Friday, but something else came up. I've started this other thingy, called Fic Cas Fri (yes, I did set it up after midnight, how could you tell? Oh, the crappy name? How surprising.) and the idea is that I'm going to post a short story every Friday, for at least a year. "Why would I do this," I hear you ask? Well, I've prepared this handy list:

  1. Brute forcing Sturgeon's Law. Sturgeon's law says that "90% of everything is crap." It's one of the founding principles of the internet over traditional media: Let anyone make anything, and then let the good stuff float to the top. If I can keep this up for, say, a year, I'll have fifty bits of writing, of which four or five should be pretty decent. And four or five is enough to make an okay portfolio-type-thing

  2. Grinding Craft (writing). Okay, so currently, for someone who vaguely aspires to be a writer of some kind, I don't do nearly enough writing. Hopefully, by sticking to a schedule (or at least feeling guilty about breaking it, which let's face it, is the more likely outcome) I'll write often enough to improve my skillz.

  3. First drafts are fun. Most of what makes writing good is the editing. However, most of what makes writing _fun, _at least for me, is the writing it down for the first time. And since I'm doing this for fun, then I'll just do the fun bits and screw the polish. I can always polish the good ones later, right?

  4. All the cool kids are doing it. Specifically, Johnathan Coulton did it, back in 2006. Wil Wheaton's doing it right now. And it worked out pretty well for them, right? Plus, stuff like NaNoWriMo proves that by having a goal and forcing yourself to do stuff, even if it is creative stuff which supposedly can't be forced, can still work wonders.

  5. I want to. So there.

So that's that then. All y'all head on over there and read that now, y'hear?

Now I'm going to tell you why I haven't posted that until Sunday night. You see, it all started last Sunday, when I was poking around on eBay. I found a copy of Pokemon Emerald for fifteen bucks, and figured, what the hell, right? My Game Boy Advance is retro now, and retro is cool, and I've never played a Pokemon game before, much less owned one, so I thought this was a significant cultural experience that I needed to have. The game arrived on Friday, and in the 36 hours after I got it I clocked up over 12 in game. (If you're interested, at this point I've just beaten the second gym leader in Dewport, and my best Pokeyman is a level 17 Mudkip named Moar (see what I did there?). I've been told that for the amount of time I've put in this is really crap, but given that the point of this exercise is to be a time sink, I'd say mission freaking accomplished.)

Here's another thing: Super 8. I'm not kidding, this is the best movie I've seen in a very, very long time. It's Abrams-style slick, but you can tell Spielberg was involved (he has a producer credit) and probably inspired a significant chunk of it. The plot is clever- sure it's a pretty well-trodden path, but it deviates just enough to keep stuff really interesting. The premise is great ("Production values!"), although that could just be my shared movie-making-attempt trauma showing. The 1970s setting is brilliantly realised and totally believable. The special effects stay the hell out of the way and let the story do the work, unlike in certain other recent movies (coughTransformerscough) But the best part of the movie is easily the characters- particularly the kids. They're solidly written, and the acting is awesome, and unlike a lot of child protagonists they actually come across as genuinely likeable, and the dynamic they have going between them is brilliant. Like I said, it feels like old-school Spielberg, only polished to a shiny chrome finish, and I reckon it's going to be a classic the same way ET and Close Encounters were. If you haven't seen Super 8, go and see it. Now.

Oh, and we baked a cake. On a whim. It was awesome. We named it Derek.

Featuring white chocolate, blueberries, about six macadamias, and Morgan's thumb.

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