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This cannot be sustainable.

09 July 201101:25PMrants

Now, with a title like that, I'll bet you're thinking, "Oh god, here comes yet another ill-concieved and poorly thought-out rant about our shiny new Carbon tax." This is not the case!* Oh no. This is about my posting rate. You see, against my better judgement I've written a post a day since Wednesday, and apparently whichever diabolical forces drive me to do so are not yet satisfied because here I am again.


You know what else is troubling? My school.** That is, my old school. Talk about developing freaking airs and graces! I was riding along Railway Road the other day, and do you know what I saw? A flipping billboard, for Shenton College. Just to prove it, I'll go out tomorrow and take a photo of it and paste it in here:

Here you go, past self.

Thanks, future self. This is the kind of self-indulgent, self-righteous bullshit which Perth's delicously creamy crop of private schools get up to, and it makes perfect sense for them - the St. 's and LCs get thick wads of cash from each one of their students, and thrive on their reputation. But Shenton? Shenton is a government school, not a business. While there may be financial benefits to having more students (and I'll be honest, I don't fully understand how education funding is handled, it may well be on a per-student basis), advertising won't make dyed-in-the-wool private school families send their kids there, and it will make those who believe in public education do exactly what I'm doing now and ask exactly what kind of a government school puts up a bloody billboard?

This kind of crap was very much the centre of attention in I was there and it seems to have become worse. Every focus was on 'beating the private schools', from debating to sport to the TEE. And sure, while this is an admirable goal, I don't really thing it's one which should be actively fostered by the school. You only need to ask a Shenton student about private schools and you'll get self-satisfied smiles, derisive comments about private school snobs, and an irritating sense of superiority. Seriously guys, we're worse than they ever were, and the school needs to stop actively encouraging this kind of thing. Satisfaction? Sure. School pride? Why not, it's a good school. But Shenton has one hell of a superiority complex, and it's really being perpetuated.

So Shenton. You have amazing teachers. You've got great facilities. You're amazingly liberal with the charity days and student councils and muck-up week and the like. But please, please, please, shut up about it. I get that public schools get a bad rap, but honestly, quiet confidence and consistently good results will work much better than bragging and billboards. You're supposed to be sensible, and practical, and decent. Leave the bragging to somebody else.

That. That ended up being a good deal more impassioned than I thought it would. It could be cause I'm tired (stayed up to watch the launch of STS-135 last night (which was totally awe-inspiring), and then stayed up even more to play Magicka (which is brilliant fun), and play monopoly (which was... weird.) I would say I'd have a Shuttle launch party again, but there aren't going to be any more Shuttle launches now. sadface ). At any rate, take what you just read with a healthy pinch of salt. I've heard that pink stuff is quite nice.

Although I did write that post- three years ago, in fact, and my views haven't changed, though hopefully my ability to articulate those views has improved somewhat since I was fifteen. On a related note, that post could've been written today with literally no changes, not even to the details.. Australian politics move even more slowly than anyone thought, apparently. *Possibly troublinger: My apparent newfound addiction to footnotes and segues.

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