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Kite Photography!

13 August 201109:31AMlife

Kite photography is exactly what it sounds like: taking photos from kites. And just like kite flying, it sounds fun in principle but in practice turns out to be incredibly frustrating, because not only do you need to get the kite in the air, you also need to get it high enough and fast enough to lift the camera and meanwhile get your camera to take pictures by itself. Despite this, it actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

We thought we'd try making our own rig, but it was a bit heavy and despite having made it ourselves we couldn't figure out how to attach it to the string, so we scrapped it. The method we used was thus something like:

  1. Set timer on camera.
  2. Duct tape camera to kite string.
  3. Launch Kite.
  4. Pray.

And against all odds, it actually worked. We got lots of pictures of feet, but a couple of fairly decent aerial photos. It didn't help that we had two strings between three kites, or that nobody can actually fly a dual-line kite so we had to buy a single-line one from Red Dot (so much easier). Morgan almost destroyed my camera too, but amazingly the lens just popped back into place! They don't make 'em like that any more, I can tell you. Also, string is a bitch.

Anyway, photos.


and going down

and crashing.

One of the many pictures of the grass. This one is quite pretty.

In this one, the kite is about two metres off the ground, and I am running behind it to try and get in the photo. It crashed about six seconds later.

Somehow the kite managed a self-portrait. No, I don't know how either.

Yes! An actual aerial photo! Pity there's nothing really there to take pictures of.

That one's a bit better. You can see houses and things in the background. Clearly it needs a higher shutter speed, though.

Um. Yeah. This didn't work.


So yes. Next time, we'll go somewhere which is a) windier and b) has more interesting scenery, (I'm thinking top of Reabold Hill, or maybe along the coast somewhere) and also perhaps construct a better camera rig. But all in all, considering we suck at kite flying and have never done this before ever, I think we done pretty good.

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