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15 August 201110:17AMlife

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So now that I've written that, I-

Wait, what do you mean you didn't read it? Go back and read it. Seriously. It's not just filler, it's the actual content. Go on. I'll wait.

Right. So now that I've written that, and you've read it, I thought of a few other things to add. Firstly, and originating from this desire to add something, I now get what postscripts are for. Because you can't go back and edit a typewritten letter to add in something you forgot: hence, postscripts.

Also: it is now my ambition to submit at least one assignment typewritten on this thing. Just for shiggles, and because it would be fun, and because I think it would make a difference to my writing style for the better, in terms of having to carefully plan everything I write.

Also also: There's a massive novelty factor in typing out web addresses on paper even though you know they don't do anything. Same goes for smilies- in fact I'd say smilies actually look better typewritten. Don't ask me why.

Okay, now I really am going to go. Probably not to write letters though. I mean, they're just like email, except you have to pay for them... what's the point?

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