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The Housesitting Hypotheses

13 September 201107:53AMlife

This is not the title of a Big Bang Theory episode.

Wait, hold on, is it?

No, it's not

Right, anyway. Tonight I'm going to look after someone else's house and cats. This is scary for three reasons:

  1. Holy crap I'm moving out!
  2. Oh god what if I break the cats?
  3. Dear lord there's no internet.

There are also positives:

  1. I can eat what I like, provided I cook it. Hmm, actually, maybe that belongs in the scary section.
  2. I can watch stuff I like on TV
  3. Independence? Or something?

I've decided to treat this like a social experiment. With myself as subject, experimenter, and recorder, which breaks all kinds of scientific rules, but meh. This means I have to make and record some hypotheses.

The Culinary Convergence Corollaries.

We went shopping on the weekend. Which was actually fun, in the sense of "let's see what the cheapest thing I can possibly buy". I can say right how that I'm probably going to be eating lots of pasta. And lots of tuna. And lots of mince-based substances. Probably lots of leftovers as well. And that quite possibly the quality of my food may be significantly lower than I'm used to, due to my cooking skills. Or, y'know. Total lack thereof.

The corollary to this, and my hypothesis here, is:

That cooking skill will increase as time passes, while quality of ingredients decreases, resulting in no net change to edibility.

The Hyperbolic Habit Hypothesis.

Anecdotally, I've heard that moving back with your parents after having moved out is one of the most frustrating things imaginable. This can be partially put down to a sudden loss of independance, but I think there's something else behind it. I think that, given the three weeks I have, I'm going to develop my own weird idiosyncracies and habits about bins and cooking and cat food and all sorts of trivial stuff, and that this is what will be the most irritating when I go home.

As time passes, habits of the experimental group will diverge from those of the control to a significant enough degree to cause frustration upon returning to a non-experimental environment.

The Internet Inaccessibility Inferences.

I looked into the possibility of getting a data plan on my phone, but those things are freaking expensive. Maybe not if you're paying a hundred bucks a month, but my phone bill comes to about... thirty. If that. So to get any significant amount of data I'd have to pretty much double my bill- long story short, getting internet is too hard. Possible void-fillers include TV (so much TV), retro gaming (no internet = no steam), books (yay kindle!) and- oh yeah, like, housework and uni work and stuff. I'll have to do all my internetting at uni, which means I'll have to plan ahead, and also means I'll probably get more sleep...

Removal of internet will result in an increase in free time, which will be mostly filled by the additional duties of running a house. Additionally, time spent on-campus, outside, reading and at friend's places is expected to increase dramatically.

The Transportation Theorem.

I only just thought of this one. Because I can't exactly get a lift home with mum if mum's not at home, can I? Not that I do that anyway, but it's always been there as an option... So it's going to be bikes and buses all the way, baby. This has a couple of consequences. Firstly, I won't be able to stay out too late, because of buses stopping and it being dark. (Also I'll have cats to feed.). Second, I'm effectively limited to where buses and bikes can go, so no visiting people ages away. Thirdly, there's no bus that goes straight home, so if I forget anything, I might be a bit stuck. Finally, I'll be using the 102. A lot. Goes from the end of the street, straight to uni. Awesome.

Modes of transportation will become significantly more bus/bike/train- centric. Furthermore, transport will become a key consideration in choice of activities.

So that's my guesses. Don't expect total radio silence, cause I'll have internet at uni and loads of spare time (and boredom = writing, donchaknow.) But, don't expect me to be on Steam chat, or playing online games, or checking my email after about 4pm. I promise I will check my text messages more frequently (read: at all) and answer my phone occasionally to make up for it.

WiSh ME LuCK!!!1!!!

I dunno why I did that with the capitalising. It looks stupid, doesn't it?

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