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Phone Swears

17 September 201105:38AMlife

[Warning: contains swears.]

Hello. Yes. House-sitting is going well, thank you for asking.

Today, however, I will be talking about predictive text. Because my phone is an antiquated piece of junk (by which I mean, not an iPhone but still perfectly servicable thank you very much), I still have to use a numeric keypad to type text messages. And, due to my lack of internet, now emails too. Predictive text makes this process much faster (and frankly I don't understand the wide spread hate) especially if you add your own words.

Which brings me to this: Can you tell a lot about a person by the words they taught their predictive text? LET'S FIND OUT!

Here's the contents of my 'My Words' folder

So what conclusions can we draw from this? Well, quite a lot actually.

  1. My predictive text system is quite bad. In that it needs to store a separate copy of words for different capitalisations, and seems to randomly store bits of punctuation.
  2. I know people called Clare, Kester, Rosie and Suzie.
  3. I live in Perth, WA have been to Cottesloe, Subiaco and Rotto, and like the beach (snorkel, jetty, sunnies). I go to UWA (or possibly Uwa or uwa), and participated in Prosh
  4. I talk like a pirate (Ahoy being My greeting of choice. Also Alexander Graham Bell's greeting of choice., also the word thar,)
  5. and also like a person from the internet (srs, rly, I's)
  6. and also with overly elaborate words for 160 characters (shennanigans, escapade, tainted)
  7. I like the movies (Avatar, prequel, DVD)
  8. My drink of choice is mocha. Note that Coke, Pepsi, Fanta and so on do not appear, thus accurately characterising my aversion to soft drinks. Especially brand-name soft drinks.
  9. I have an aversion to swearing (fricking) but do it anyway (crap, shit, bastard, the f word), sometimes quite angrily (SHIT, BASTARD)
  10. I am a nerd. I use Linux and make thinly veiled D&D references (sesh, d20) and use the word blog freely (insert self-referential humour here?)
  11. My email address or parts thereof (.m@ , gmail) are used frequently, suggesting I prefer email to text messages.
  12. I have, at some point, for some reason, used the word panda in a text message. Um. Yes. For bonus marks, are some haikus using only words from this list.

Tainted panda head Shennanigans in Lego Crap prequel story.

Jetty escapade IS K? K, K. Mocha mime ahoy.

Perth, WA, arvo. Fricking Lego snorkel in. Consequences thar.

I'll shut up and go back to my no internet now.

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