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Tradition doesn't make sense.

04 September 201103:53PMlife

Let's face it. There are a lot of things about traditions which are honestly, quite confusing. Or at least, things which are confusing if you tend to overthink things a lot. Or even a little. Things like this:

So why the sudden pensiveness about tradition? Well, in the past 24 hours I sort of invented one. I needed something to get my dad for Father's day (which isn't even the same day every year - see point 2 above - and doesn't signify anything personally significant and isn't even the same different day everywhere in the world, because in the U.S. it's in a totally different month.). And right as I was wondering if there was a stupid tradition I could exploit, mum suggested baking a pie. At that point the mental conversation went something like this:

The Part Of Me Devoted To Stressing: pie what a stupid idea akhj;agfhjkhurwuio;hahfgark what will i get him kajhwiughas;kfjgakk oh god oh god

The Crazy Ideas Part: Man, I totally should bake a pie... that'd be fun.

TPOMDTS: a;sldkja;lgjaig there must be some kind of traditional gift ;alijslfgaslkfgjas;ldfkja socks and undies don't count ahsgr;aohsogha;srg;ah OH GOD OH GOD

TCIP: Ha! Wouldn't it be funny if pies were the tradition? Like cakes are for birthdays. Then we could bake a pie.

TPOMDTS: don't be stupid thats not an actual tradition so shut up you aren't helping

TCIP: Oh cool, we should totally start one!

TPOMDTS: don't be stupid we can't... we can't... we... WAIT WAIT WAIT BACK UP THERE.

So we bought a little book to keep recipes and pictures in, and I spent Sunday morning making short crust pastry, and now we bake pies every Father's day. And like all traditions, it quickly began accreting. For example, it was quickly established that pie-baking duty should alternate between me an Matt on alternate years, and that the book would be passed down from father to sun, and that dad could request pies (like rabbit, for example) and that every part of the pie had to be home made.

Which leads me to the conclusion that, far from being 'ruts' to get stuck in, tradition is in fact an engine to force people to do things that they wouldn't normally do, like spend all morning baking short-crust pastry, or looking around bike stores for a present and finding a bike seat the size of a small sofa. And perhaps, even, for people to grow intellectually or spiritually or something from that experience.

So there's your allotted dose of late-night philosophy.

Also, PIE.

Next year, I'll omit the 'e'.

Happy Arbitrarily Designated Baked Goods Day!

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