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16 October 201110:29AMgamesminecraft

Do you have problems dealing with creepers*? Can't get finance for a hill fort? Wish your friends would stop making fun of your abysmal building skills?

Never fear: FUNGALOWS™ are here!

Constructed from a durable yet easy to _mould_ mushroomium alloy, FUNGALOWS™ are grown from scratch to suit your exact specifications!** With high-tech pane-glass windows and a raised living area, FUNGALOWS™ are the state of the art in custom housing.

Your FUNGALOW™ is suspended above the ground, accessible by an easy-to-use ladder system. Once inside, the entrance can be secured***, with our high tech trapdoor system.

Inside, your FUNGALOW™ is mush roomier than it looks, at over 9 blocks of living space, and comes with all the mod cons*, including a fully-equiped crafting area**.

And should you need to move on, your FUNGALOW™ can be removed, with no environmental damage - and reassembled wherever there's dirt and bonemeal**!

FUNGALOWS™ - The Housing Of The Future!

*FUNGALOWS™ are not creeper-proof.
*FUNGALOWS™ come in one size only.
Trapdoor can be opened by anyone.
Furnishings sold separately.
Coal not included
***Siginificant reassembly required.

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