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09 November 201102:41PMchat

Pasting faces on to things: A new trend?

[BUmb] Puddles: soup
[BUmb] RockyM93: ohey
[BUmb] Puddles: ponka a donk
[BUmb] Puddles: so
[BUmb] RockyM93: soooooooo
[BUmb] RockyM93: yeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[BUmb] Puddles: this runion thingy on the 2nd
[BUmb] Puddles: are you going?
[BUmb] RockyM93: runion
[BUmb] RockyM93: is that like an onion
[BUmb] Puddles: yes
[BUmb] Puddles: runions
[BUmb] Puddles: tasty
[BUmb] RockyM93:
[BUmb] RockyM93: yes.
[BUmb] Puddles:
[BUmb] Puddles: looks like this word already has a definition :S
[BUmb] RockyM93: pffft.
[BUmb] RockyM93: urbandictionary.
[BUmb] RockyM93: they should just own up to it and change their names to 'dictionary of colloquial names for kinky sex acts.'
[BUmb] Puddles: +their+names+to+%27dictionary+of+colloquial+names+for+kinky+sex+acts.
[BUmb] Puddles: :P
[BUmb] Puddles: and the top results go to urban dictionary
[BUmb] RockyM93: sigh
[BUmb] RockyM93: oh internet
[BUmb] RockyM93: you never fail to sap my faith in humanity

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