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Super Smash Stockholm Syndrome

04 November 201109:30AMthings

Something which continues to vaguely disappoint me is my age. More specifically, my age with regard to popular culture. More specifically again, my age with regard to video games.

Right now, I'm sitting on a bus (ain't laptops wonderful?) listening to a remix of the theme from Super Mario 64 (by CarboHydrom, who is really excellent.) The thing is, I'd never played it up until a few weeks ago, and that was on an emulator, using an Xbox controller. Same goes for Pokemon: Up until I bought Emerald about three months ago, I'd never played a Pokemon game. (For which I'm actually quite glad- that shit is addictive.) I've still never played a Legend of Zelda game.

Part of this, of course, was my crappy taste in games. I had kind of a thing for movie tie-ins and strategy games, and I never watched the Pokemon TV series (my parents wouldn't let me, for some reason... I sure showed them.) and I never had older siblings who were in to all this stuff. So I guess some of that's my own fault.

But I put most of it down to the fact that the current ruling elite of the internet is comprised of the people who did play these games, and like any good underling, I strive to be more like my benevolent overlords. (I'm tempted to give this a name, like Super Smash Stockholm Syndrome. Actually, that's not a bad post title... paste) The other cause is less psychology and more statistics: these people make up a significant proportion of the content creators on the internet, and they'll naturally make stuff (like remixes, for example) using the stuff they grew up with.

Who knows? Maybe in a few years we'll see lovingly crafted Halo 1 remixes and fan-art the same way we see Nintendo love now, to cater to people like me whose first main console was the Xbox and who (mis)spent their formative years playing with plasma grenades and smashing warthogs into each other.

Somehow I doubt it though.

It's Mr. Sticky! He's this generation's Yoshi!

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