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3 Months

16 December 201103:24AMlife

That's how long uni break is. For me, this is an unprecedented amount of time to have off. Technically, the break between finishing year 12 and starting uni was bigger, but I spent a month or so of that overseas, which sort of broke it up a bit. From this side of Christmas, they look impossibly big. Like one of those desert highways that just keeps on going, and although you know that there's something at the end of it, it's so far off that it stops being a physical location and becomes an abstract concept. Like, "Oh yes, somewhere at the end of this strip of slightly differently coloured gravel is Monday the 27th of February 2012, but you can't see it because of all the horizon in the way."

That was a bit of a laboured metaphor.

The point is that while it seems to be really far away- actually, because that date seems so far away - it would really be absurdly easy to just do nothing for three months. (Which, I suspect, is not an altogether unpopular option.) And doing nothing is like chocolate cake, in that a little is delicious, but three months of nothing else will leave you diabetic and empty on the inside, and when you look back on it, you feel a little bit sick.

Again, maybe not the best metaphor.

So instead of just sitting, and playing video games, and watching entire seasons of TV shows in one night, I reckon I should probably try to do something productive. Think New Year's resolutions, only a month early. Except they're a load of carp*. They're always vague and totally unrealistic. I need some non-vague non-un-realistic things to do, so that I can look back on this three months and say, "Yeah, I achieved something in the break." I hesitate to use the word goals, because it comes with a lot of self- help-y baggage, but really that's the general idea.

So how many to do? Enough that I can switch between them, not so many that I can't do them all. Five seems good. Here we go then:

  1. Finish learning to drive, pass driving test, get log book, and put at least 5 hours in it. I might even go so far as to book my test so I've got something to aim for.
  2. Read all the books on the SF section of my book list. (This will be easy.)
  3. Run until Humans vs. Zombies. I died on the first day both times this year. Next year I will win, by running away. This will require practise.
  4. Learn first aid. A senior first aid certificate is both a plus for my resume and something I feel like I should know anyway.
  5. Learn to juggle. Because a) I am tired of not being able to juggle and b) I can tell people I spent all holidays learning to juggle. Yay conversation, etc. This isn't all I want to do, but if I can do these, I'll be satisfied that I haven't wasted these holidays.


*That's a typo, but I decided to leave it in.

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