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Happy New Year!

01 January 201212:59PMlife

So yeah, December happened. Apparently without me noticing, judging by my post rate and the fact that I looked at my watch this morning and said, "Oh crap, it's January already?"

From the top then:

I went down south for a couple of days, which was nice, but any relaxationifying which I got from it was undone by losing 80 hours of my life in the form of a corrupted Pokemon save. Which was probably my fault for pulling it out of someone else's DS while it was switched on. Protip: even if you're not playing the game, and even if the game in question can't even import from older Pokemon games, don't pull out the cartridge while the system is turned on. I reckon I'll start from scratch eventually, but I'd like to think of something interesting to do with my team first. Morgan suggested all dual-typed water Pokemon, which would give me Mudkip, Lotad, Chinchou, Wingull, and maybe Kingdra, Sealeo, Tentacool or Surskit.

Maybe. If I can be bothered.

Also there were loads of flies, which seemed to annoy some people more than others.

I can't remember if it was before or after going away, but we played laser tag. I was organising it, and then Matt invited a bunch of his friends too, and suddenly it was a grudge match. We won, by virtue of us having a couple of slightly better players, but I suspect mostly because there was only one team of us and two teams of them. By which I mean, Matt was the real winner, because apparently he has more friends than me

I had a couple of shifts at work. That was good. Soccer games are much nicer than concerts, because they're shorter, and we knock off earlier. Plus, they're quiet, so I can practise my juggling. That's going well, by the way. So are most of the other things-which-totally-aren't-goals, with the exception of learning to drive. That's the most important, and thus the one that I'm putting off in favour of the others.

Then, there was Christmas, which meant three massive meals in a row (Dinner with neighbours, breakfast with mum's family, and lunch with dads.) The food was excellent though. Someone brought up the fact that all the times I was saying 'last year', I meant the year before last, since last year (well, it was last year last year when I was saying it... Stupid new year's day.) I was away. That was a bit surreal. It really doesn't seem like a year.

I got a nice stack of books, and some DVDs, but definitely the standout present (and pretty much the only non-book, now that I think about it...) was this:

It's a Lego watch. A Lego branded watch, with Lego stud buttons, and Lego clicky band.

I know.

So that was Christmas. Boxing day we went to Rottnest. I never bring enough shirts, and end up wearing the same ones over and over again, which is kinda nasty. This time wasn't any exception. We saw dolphins, and some nice sunsets, which I didn't take photos of. 12 months ago I would have, and other people on the boat did, but there are plenty of pictures of dolphins and sunsets around (possibly even too many). I'd much rather have the memory of seeing dolphins appear just fifty metres away, and swim over to the boat, and follow us, than have a few photos. So that's, y'know, personal growth or something.

Also, we ran into these guys again, on holiday here for a few weeks to drop one of their daughters here for a stint living alone. Nothing much has changed. Much gentle ribbing was had over dinner.

I only got back yesterday morning, so I've only just done a few things like watch the Doctor Who christmas special, and use Matt's iTunes account to buy an album, so expect a 'reviews of stuff' post in the next couple of days.

And other than all that, I wish you a retroactive Merry Christmas and a still- valid Happy New Year!

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