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Movies Wot I Have Seen Recently V: HAT TRICK'S REVENGE

16 January 201211:21AMreview

Last week, I went to three movies on three consecutive days. This is what I thought of them. May contain traces of spoilers and other nuts.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
I wasn't really sure what to expect here, since I hadn't seen the first one. Fortunately, after the first ten minutes or so there's no references to the first movie, and honestly it wasn't that difficult to pick up what was going on. As an action movie, it was excellent. Any scene with explosions or gunfights in it was really well put-together (especially the train scene, but maybe that's just because I'm a sucker for fights on trains.)

As a mystery though, it was a bit disappointing. Everyone knew from the start who the villain was and that he was planning something, and when they eventually found out it turned out to be pretty... whatever the opposite of diabolical is. Plus, while Robert Downey Jr. does a decent job, a lot of the time he ends up looking just plain crazy instead of crazy-but-brilliant.

Basically, I spent the whole movie wondering why I was watching this instead of the new season of the BBC's Sherlock, which is awesome.

This was fantastic. Just watching the opening credits is enough to get your hopes up for this movie, and for once it doesn't disappoint. It's pretty much a classic Spielberg adventure movie, with some clever motion capture stuff layered on top to make everything look more stylised. I like that they decided not to go with an origin story like every superhero movie ever and instead let Tintin's character already exist. I really like the plot, which actually feels like a Tintin mystery (unlike Sherlock Holmes). I like that they avoided making Tintin the generic all-American boy hero - he has no problem with using guns and isn't totally confident all the time.

And what I really, really like is crane jousting. Seriously, that needs to be a thing.

The Muppets
George Lucas needs to watch this movie. Because if you're going to revive an old franchise in what's basically a cash grab, then you should at least have the balls to be self-aware about it. I seriously don't think the fourth wall lasted more than five minutes, and never passed up an opportunity to subvert a serious plot point for laughs. And it had some really catchy tunes.

We're probably not the main demographic though. Sure, a lot of the humour and celebrity cameos are funny to us to, but someone pointed out when we were leaving that we're basically between the two main groups, those being younger kids, and the people old enough to remember the show when it was on TV, who probably have said kids by now. Still enjoyed it though.

Highlight of the movie? The cameo they used for the 'human version' of the protagonist. Which I'm not going to ruin, 'cause you should really see it for yourself.


Having watched three adventure/mystery/hijinks movies in a row like that makes me wish that was something that happened in the real world. The world needs more diabolical criminal masterminds and consulting detectives and destitute sea captains and boy reporters and absurdly-clever dogs and sentient puppets and... okay, probably not more evil oil company chiefs.

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