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The review post

03 January 201205:40AMreview

A Game of Thrones
I got this for christmas, which is code for "I've heard a lot about this book, but don't want to spend my own money on it, and don't care enough to hunt it down at the library". This, it turns out, was a mistake. I should've got into this series a long time ago. For comparison, my brother was reading Inheritance, the last Eragon book, at the same time. By a few pages in, he could predict the entire story. When I was reading Game of Thrones, I thought I could too. Then people started dying.

I finished it in under 2 days. This stuff is like crack. I MUST READ THE NEXT ONE FDSFGDFDFSGDFDFSDFGSDFGDFS.

Doctor Who
Christmas special! It was actually Christmas-y for once, instead of just happening at Christmas. Also very genre savvy, ("There are some sentences I should just stay away from.") which was funny, but should (and probably will) just stay a one-off. The highlight:

I know!

Speaking of Doctor Who...

Chameleon Circuit - Still Got Legs
I've pretty much had this on repeat constantly since boxing day. It's basically songs about Doctor Who. And not just stupid novelty songs, it's actually really, really good music. Normally (coughColdplaycough) with an album there's one or two songs which are really good and the rest is filler, and I think it's probably a good sign that literally every time a new song starts I find myself thinking, "No wait, this one's the best one". Really excellently made, and really cool lyrics. Seriously, you need to listen to this right now.

Steve Jobs' Biography

...what? We ran out of books.

Without a doubt the worst book I've ever stayed up all night to finish. Although admittedly that was because the owner of the book was leaving the next day, and not because it was actually good. There's no revelations in there that I didn't already know from browsing things like, and a handful of obituaries and the writing is pretty uninspired. It seems to be a pretty rushed job, put out to capitalise on his death, because it really needs editing. The guy uses the same quotes and anecdotes over and over, without referencing the fact that he's already used them, and the book jumps around to follow individual threads of his life in non-chronological order in a way that sounds logical but is really just confusing. As in, it will follow the development of the iPod, and then jump back six years to talk about his marriage some more.

In short, don't bother. You'd get more from Wikipedia.

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