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Some Facts

25 January 201202:03PMlife

Here are some facts for you.

Fact #1 There are ants in my bedroom. My bedroom is on the second floor. The ants have walked across the yard, up my wall, through a tiny gap in my window. There isn't even any food in there. Why have they done this? I honestly don't know. But top marks for effort guys, just a sec while I grab the surface spray.

Fact #2 The average amount of time a member of our Steam group spends playing video games each fortnight is 23.7 hours. That means that each of us only really has six and a half days a week in which to meaningfully contribute to society. Or, if you look at it another way, it's approximately 7% of your life, or 26 days out of every year. That's almost all of February!

Fact #3 My computer is currently doing this:

And it's refusing all attempts at resuscitation.

Fact #4 Fact #3 is why Fact #2 is so bitter-sounding, because everyone is having fun without me.

Fact #5 Facts #2, #3, and #4 may be signs that I am experiencing withdrawal.

Fact #5 The presence of the word 'may' in the previous fact is a sign that that fact, is not, in fact, a fact, and is, in fact, an impostor. This fact is hereby promoted to the new Fact #5

Fact #6 Fact #7 is unrelated to the previous 6 facts (and impostor.)

Fact #7 Last Saturday was my first birthday in two years where I didn't have Hepatitis. I turned 19. I got a book and some t-shirts, and went out to dinner to a really nice Vietnamese place on Stirling highway.

Fact #8 I got bored on Monday, and catalogued all my books. All the books. ALL THE BOOKS. Look, see? Must validate obsessive behaviour with outside approval...

Fact #9 There is no Fact #9.

Fact #10 Fact #9 was a lie. Fact #9 was, in fact, "There is no Fact #9". Likewise, Fact #10 is "Fact #9 was a lie. Fact #9 was, in fact, "There is no Fact #9". Likewise, Fact #10 is ".

Fact #11 Fact #10 is recursive.

Fact #12 There is a Fact #9 There is a Fact #10, #11, and #12. There is, however, no Fact #13.

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