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10 trivial reasons I hate uni right now.

06 March 201203:09PMlife
  1. No way am I getting enough sleep. Despite sleeping in until 9 every. Single. Morning. A normal person would go to bed earlier instead of trying to sleep in later, but apparently I'm not capable of that.
  2. The university upgraded all its websites, so now we have Moodle instead of WebCT, which is actually an improvement. At least it would be if it, y'know, worked. The system they've replaced the old lecture capture site with, though, is totally abysmal.
  3. On a related note, the Wifi has been seriously crappy for the last two weeks. Personally, I blame the freshers.
  4. And again on a related note, the uni is filled with freshers. Which isn't a problem, except that they include most of my brother's year group. Which is just plain weird.
  5. Because of a poorly placed yell of "CHALLENGE ACCPETED" around New Years, I'm honour bound to ride my bike to uni every day of this year. Which was lovely, until about yesterday, when 37 degrees happened, topped nicely by today's 38.
  6. And, because of said challenge, when I forgot my lunch today I had to ride home and back again, in a black t-shirt, and then...
  7. ...on the way back home again I punctured my back tire, and with no spare tubes immediately to hand I'm going to have to trek over to wherever Matt left his spare bike before uni tomorrow.
  8. Humans vs. Zombies doesn't start until week four. That's, like, two weeks away. That sucks.
  9. None of my friends wants to play Ultimate Frisbee with me. It's not like we'll ever get the chance to play ultimate again, guys. Live a little.
  10. I stubbed my toe jumping over a barbed-wire fence to get out of work on Sunday night. I think I might've sprained it. Which has nothing to do with uni, but it really really hurts damnit.
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