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24 April 201207:07AMintrospection

I found this on my desktop when I logged on this morning. Surprisingly, given its time of writing, it still makes perfect sense.

Possibly this is one of those thoughts that only makes sense at 3 in the morning. Possibly it's one of those thoughts that only makes sense after falling asleep in front of a whole season of Community. Possibly this is one of those thoughts that doesn't make sense at all. As thoughts go, I'm not even sure it's all that original.

But basically, it's this. It's concerning to me that I don't pay more attention to what I put into my brain. It's a widely held belief that you should watch what you put into your body. Like, I don't sit down and eat 2 entire pizzas every single night. So why do I sit down and watch 2 whole seasons of television in one night? I don't buy soft drinks at uni, so why do I spend all day watching Youtube? I'm not morbidly obsese, so why is it okay for me to have stacks of useless TV trivia clogging my mental capacity?

And for all that input, the amount of output I get is pretty negligible. Like, in terms of mental productivity, I basically do uni work, and write blag posts, and that's pretty much it. Aside from these two activities, and despite the alarming mass of ideas going in to my brain, I don't seem to do very much actual thinking. To stretch a laboured metaphor, I'm not getting an awful lot of exercise given my diet.

And I don't even know if I can do anything about it. Unless there's like a mental version of The Biggest Loser I could go on.

That'd be pretty rad.

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