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I am extremely wet right now.

09 May 201205:02AMlife

Last night, and then sort of by extension this morning, I left a linguistics assignment to the last minute. I guess that must've been karmically signifcant or something, because the second I stepped ou the door it started to rain. Possibly it's my fault. I hesitated for a full minute wondering whether I should grab a rain jacket, and then decided against it, and rode off anyway, and the rain just kept getting heavier and by the time I was half way here I realised that not bringing a jacket had been a mistake but it was much too late to do anything about it now because it was 11:49 and the assignment was due at noon.

And so I just got progressively wetter and wetter and wetter and now I have a much more intimate understanding of the meaning of the word saturated. Saturated means that you are _so goddamned wet _that you do not care about standing outside in the rain any more because it would not be physically possible for you to be any wetter than you are right now.

So at this point if this was a proper story I'd get up there at 12:01 and then find out that the assignment wasn't due until tomorrow and do some kind of comedic shrug, but the universe doesn't actually run on the rules of what makes good fiction apparently, so it was due today, which in some ways actually makes me feel worse.

Now I'm sitting in the library, having decided that no, lectures are for dry people, a set of which I am most emphatically _not a membe_r, and if the events of today are anything to go by this means I'll probably get rained on on the way home too, but I don't think I'm likely to care. (see previous thoughts re: meaning of the word 'saturated')

I'm wearing just a hoodie, which is a bit slackerish (like showing up in ugg boots or thongs. seriously people. get dressed in the morning. not. hard.) but also a bit of a novel experience (it's surprisingly comfortable actually, though I won't be making a habit of it), and because it was in my backpack at least it's dry. But not JUST just a hoodie, obviously. I'm wearing my stupid sodden pants too (denim y u no dry fast :'| ) but my shirt is currently on the desk next to me vaguely spread out to try and dry it but I have my doubts about whether or not that will work.

This sounds crazy but despite being sodden and thoroughly pissed off I'm actually kind of happy. We spend a lot of time trying to cheer people up and get them to think positively and be happy, but being petulant and grumpy and not giving a fuck and savagely hating on stuff I have no control over... is actually weirdly satisfying. It's obviously self-indulgent and stupid, but I don't know. Maybe we need that kind of release every now and then? (yay pop psychology)

There doesn't appear to be any kind of coherent thread to this post so I guess there's no reason I can't just wrap it up here. If anyone wants me, I'll be sitting here, looking out the rainbow, watching other poor suckers get rained on.

This would not be proper self-indulgence without a webcam picture of my face.

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