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Rubik's Cubes and YouTubes

09 June 201204:05PMlife

[warning: contains philosophy and vague introspection.]

Remember how last holidays I decided to teach myself to juggle? Well, apparently learning useless skills is a 'thing' of mine now because yesterday I bough a Rubik's cube with the intent of spending the next six weeks learning to solve it. This is as far as I've got it, so far:

It's actually a lot less confusing than I'd always thought. I tried reading tutorials, but most of the notation and stuff seems to assume you're already pretty familiar with the cube, so I just messed around with it for a while. After spending about 4 hours straight with it I'd figured out some admittedly pretty basic patterns to how the cube worked and a couple of semi-repeatable techniques. The problem I keep running into is that the further I get, the more difficult it is to maintain the sections of colour I've already finished and the more convoluted the patterns have to be. Basically, it gets harder pretty rapidly, and screwing up at this point means I have to pretty much start from scratch.

Sometimes, though, out of the blue, I do something without even thinking about it, or see a solution really clearly, but can't explain how I saw it or repeat it, or even figure out if it worked. It gets inside your head, I tells you.

Right, what was the other thing? Youtube. Yes. Okay.

So I uploaded this (shameless plug) the other day, which is the first time I've actually been happy with something I've put on Youtube rather than, like, vaguely self-conscious and embarrassed. I think this is probably because I set out to do something specific, and documented it, and kept it to the point. While I've recently started spending a truly stupid amount of time watching people talk into cameras, I don't think I can reconcile myself with actually doing it. It just seems like a tremendous waste of bandwidth, when I can say something more efficiently and and I think more clearly in text. I think if I'm going to video something I have to be doing something actually interesting, something that's actually worth recording (for a given value of 'worth', obviously). And then there's the reverse, obviously. If I hadn't taken that camera with me I probably wouldn't have found the geocache, since my giving up wouldn't have been recorded for the whole world to see. But recording my face in my bedroom seems a bit weird and pointless. Even for me.

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