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"Firefly or..."

26 July 201209:48AMthingslife

Matt and I have this game. Suppose there's an imaginary machine, and into it you can feed an entire television, movie, or book franchise, to be erased forever from history. In return, you will receive one or more additional seasons of Firefly. The game is to find out how much of whatever else you would trade for more Firefly. Here are some excerpts of these discussions.

Matt: Firefly or Game of Thrones?
Me: Books or TV series?
Matt: TV
Me: Firefly.
Matt: Okay, books too.
Me: ...still Firefly.

Me: Okay. Firefly or all of Stargate, ever.
Matt: pained noises
Matt: Firefly, but it'd hurt me. Real deep.

Matt: Firefly or all of every Star Trek ever?
Me: Well, I think without Trek we couldn't have Firefly.
Matt: ...
Me: Like, so much of the Firefly 'verse is based on _not _being the clean American utopia in Star Trek that I struggle to see how it could exist without it.
Matt: ...
Me: But probably Firefly.

Me: Oh, I got one. Star Wars.
Matt: stunned silence
Me: Prequel trilogy?
Matt: serious contemplation. then- Firefly.
Me: Original trilogy?
Matt: Star Wars.

Matt: Firefly or Doctor Who?
Me: Doctor Who
Matt: What about just the new series?
Me: Maybe. Can I swap them so Who got cancelled after one season and Firefly is wildly successful?
Matt: Yeah, okay.
Me: Firefly. Cause I think the Ecccleston series has a really great story arc by itself-
Matt: loses interest

Matt: I love Community so much.
Me: Firefly or Community?
Matt: Uh, Community.
Me: Seriously?
Matt: Oh, I thought you meant which one I was quoting.
Me: No.
Matt: Firefly.

I'm not sure that telling you about this has any particular point. Except maybe to illustrate the high regard in which Firefly is still generally held.

Also, if anyone has access to such a machine...

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