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Suspiciously specific alternative realities

02 July 201202:21AMintrospection

Sometimes I have these weird moments, usually in public, where I stare off into the middle distance and wonder "What if all this-" vague gesture "-had worked out slightly differently?" And not like, vaguely differently either. Like really absurdly specifically different.

Like I decided to go to a different high school, and then discovered a passion for hockey through a really close friend, and then one time our school hockey team almost got to national championships but missed out by one spot, and took drama all the way through to TEE, and then I just scraped in to geology and now I'm sitting in the cafe with said close friend and his moderately attractive girlfriend and another guy from hockey and a guy I met in a chemistry lecture and we're next to this bunch of weirdos who are exactly like my current group of friends but without me, and they're playing this card game with completely impenetrable rules and talking about video games. And I wonder what Alternate Universe Hockey Player Self would think of that.

I'm not sure what this says about me as a person.

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