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Big dumb ideas

03 September 201205:03PMlinks

We'll just skim over the fact that I haven't posted all month and move straight on to the content, hey?

So occasionally I have these dumb ideas. They differ from regular dumb ideas, though, in that they're totally fricking huge. Projects of such a scale that I'd have no hope in hell of ever finishing them. Zefrank calls it Brain Crack - ideas that you have to get rid of so you stop thinking about them. These are some of the bits of brain crack I've had recently.

Adapting the Odyssey into LEGO Ever since I adapted Prometheus (the myth, not the disappointing Alien prequel) to LEGO last year I've wanted to do the same for the Odyssey, and the fact that I'm doing more classics this semester and rereading it is making me want to do it even more. It's just... such a huge amount of work though. The Odyssey is twelve thousand lines long. There are twenty four books. Prometheus is like, two pages. This would literally take me years. Which doesn't make me want to do it any less.

ZEDWATCH It really annoys me when people take buckets of footage of events and never do anything with it. So before Humans vs. Zombies this semester I got excited and mocked up all these title screens for this thing I was going to do. It was going to be called Zedwatch, and I was going to make these nightly news-report style highlights videos of the day's play, and get footage of everything, and edit it properly instead of just sticking shakycam footage on Youtube. I'd get a shirt made and run around campus with a camera like an idiot pretending to be a journalist and it'd be tremendous fun. Only I didn't do that. I did get a little bit of footage (which is up here) but it ain't nothing on what I had planned. Maybe next year...

Science coverage This idea I've only been kicking around for a few days, and it originated from a really uncomfortable conversation with my mum about what I wanted to do after uni (but that's probably another post) - which lead me to think about maybe looking into science journalism. And I thought, hold on, I don't need to wait until I finish to get started on that. One of the selling points of UWA is that it's one of Australia's "top research universities", which means that ostensibly, there's a whole lot of really cool science going on right under my nose and nobody's telling the students about it. I reckon I could fix that. Maybe do a blog or a podcast or something, or even stick it in the uni paper (though I'm not sure science is really up their alley. Or anything other than drinking and complaining, really.)

Selling T-Shirts Every year the student guild runs elections, and every year they get all up in your face about voting, and camp outside the library, and lecture-bomb, and carpet entire rooms with pamphlets. And every year people start moaning about how annoying it all is, and how they just want to be left alone. And I see a market there. A market for, say, cheap T-shirts, that say "LEAVE ME ALONE, I'VE ALREADY VOTED" on them, or something to that effect. I reckon they'd sell like hotcakes, at least until the Guild found some bullshit reason to shut me down.

**One Adventure Per Week** (AKA the one where went crazy and actually decided to try) You know that sinking sense of dread crossed with boredom you get in the middle of the holidays when there's nothing to do? Well, that made me try geocaching, and took a video camera with me to give me a sense of legitimacy. And that made me think, oh hey, I should totally do this kind of thing more often. Like once a week. And then I did it. Five times, so far. I have no idea how long it will last, either. Hopefully longer than the last Big Dumb Idea I tried to actually do, which was some dumb thing about short stories (coincidentally, also every week.)

See, I don't want to let go of these ideas. They're super good ideas. I like them, and I really want to do all of them. And writing them down like this in order to give them up has actually made me more pumped to give them a shot. Like, what's the worst thing that could happen?

(I fail very publically and make an idiot of myself, is the obvious answer. But then again, I'm writing a goddamn blog, how much more of a public idiot could I possibly make of myself?)

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