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"I once killed a man..."

29 September 201204:29AMthings

Haydn and I invented a game last night. I'm not really sure what it is yet. It may be that I'll kill it by writing it down. Who knows?

Anyway, the game goes like this. Person one names two noodle implements, with which they once killed a man. Person two has to guess how they did it. Or what profession the killer is. Or to what movie death/famous murder the killer is referring. Or suggest some outlandish statement that makes everyone laugh. It's sort of part Cards Against Humanity, part Twenty Questions.

It looks a little something like this:

Person 1: I once killed a man using nothing but a lit match and an empty can of cat food.
Person 2: Did you burn their house down?
Person 1: Nope.
Person 2: Yeah, that doesn't explain the cat food. Um, did you attract burning cats to their house and kill them that way?
Person 1: Nope.
Person 2: Did you make napalm?
Person 1: Nope. Do you give up?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: Okay. So what I did was, I lit their cigarette, and then waited forty years for them to get cancer so they were bedridden, and then I emptied all their cat food into the bin so that they get eaten alive by their own cats.
Person 2: laughs nervously

In this case, Person 1 was me...

...maybe don't play this unless you want to see the seriously twisted side of your friends. The lack of any well-defined win conditions means that it can rapidly spiral out of control into multiple nested hypothetical disturbingly- well-thought-out murder scenarios. It tends to get very dark very quickly. If you have any suggestions in that regard*, I'd be happy to hear them.

*constructing win conditions for the game, that is. not coming to terms with the fact that under a thin veneer of civilisation there's a writhing darkness waiting to consume us all.

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