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Results Redux

15 October 201202:04PMlife

(You know, I think 'redux' might be one of my new favourite words.)

You know the drill by now. Here are the hypotheses:

Hypothesis 1: That living with a bunch of friends will be wack, yo. This. Very, very much this. I have a list now. A list of people who I would live with again, like full time for reals, and a list of people I would not do such a thing with. I will not be disclosing this list, because that would be rude. Rest assured, I know things now about my friends which I would rather not know. Not many things, mind you. But some things.

The predicted shenannigans did not ensue until the first weekend, but ensue they did. In general though, life is not like a sitcom. There's a lot more dishes, for starters.

Hypothesis 2: This isn't going to be nearly as much fun as we all think. Well, it was pretty fun. (No, I'm not going to stop linking that video.) There was a lot of Torchlight happening too. This one was essentially accurate though. More housework, fewer pranks.

Hypothesis 3: "Where's the goddamn milk?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahah ahaha ahhh. Once or twice? Try, like, every two days. Fun fact: 8 people drink a lot of milk, and eat a lot of bread. Especially when their diets consist mostly of [insert nut-based spread] on toast. Not looking at anyone in particular coughGrahamcough.

Hypothesis 4: "Where's the goddamn internet?" Didn't happen. Not even a little bit. Next.

Hypothesis 5: "Has anyone fed the goddamn cat?" I can neither confirm or deny that the cat was forgotten. I can neither confirm nor deny that the cat got fed more than once. I can neither confirm nor deny that we had to chase after the cat at midnight because it's not supposed to be outside.

Hypothesis 6: "Where are the goddamn keys?" Nobody lost their keys. Graham did have to sit in his car for an hour waiting for us to get back from dinner though. That was pretty funny.

Hypothesis 7: "What have you done? You're doing it wrong." This. So much this. Mostly about cooking. It was kinda sucky, actually. I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else, as much as I like to pretend to be chilled. My solution was to re-task my Remember Not To Swear wrist band to an Assume That People Are Generally Pretty Competent And Know What They're Doing So Just Butt Out Of It wrist band. I'm not certain it worked though, so... sorry guys if I was a bit of a PITA sometimes. Don't worry though! You pissed me off just as much!

(I kid, I kid.)

Hypothesis 8: "Is anyone going to get that?" We got better at this! We didn't answer the phone for all the first week, but by the last day we were picking that baby up like pros. Yeah, character development.

Hypothesis 9: "What is that smell?" Surprisingly didn't happen. At least not to my knowledge. I guess that's a good thing. There was some interesting stuff in the back of the fridge which we'd forgotten about though. That was a bit hectic for a while. And the bin as well, that got a bit on the... fragrant side for a while. And socks everywhere, of course. But no stinky clothes, at least.

Hypothesis 10: Everything will probably be okay. You know what? It really was. It was expensive, and it was boring, and there was a bit of arguing (alright, frustrated eye-rolling.) But it was fun, and being independent is awesome, and everything was, pretty much, okay.

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