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Phone blag.

22 November 201204:09PMlife

Hello youse.

I finished my second year of uni today. Yup. Last exam for the year. I think it went pretty well. Actually, I think this whole semester went pretty well.

(I'm actually typing this on my phone. Yes, on Captain Nokia. Actually not as difficult as it sounds, as long as you avoid anything that's not in its dictionary. Anyway, yes. On a bus, coming back from Mt. Lawley, and I'm trying really hard not to fall asleep because jets face it that's not something you wanna do on a bus at 11 o'clock at night. On the upside though, the card reader's broken, so at least I'm not paying for it. What was I saying? Right, end of semester. Got it.)

So I'm on my way back from the 3rd year comms studies film screening, which was pretty damn amazing. It was at the Astor. Classy as hell, and the films were bloody top notch. I honestly don't know if I can match that next year. And what was I doing there? Volunteering, serving pizza and counting the votes.

(hold on, perth. Gotta run for a train.)

I'm not sure why I did that to be honest. Part of it was the offers of perks (pizza and movie tickets. Best bribe. Ever.) but i think i'd hate probably done it anyway. I kinda get a kick out of being behind the scenes of stuff, is what i put it down to. Like, i'm not saying this was vapid and boring (far from it) but i've enjoyed being behind the scenes of things which were pretty vapid (coughECOMSBALLcough) just as much. Even if it is just catering. If i were to generalise, i'd put it something like 'making things happen is more fun for me than having things happen to me.'

Make of that what you will.

Speaking of making things happen, i've now got three months to fill, and so far nothing but half a dozen odd random appointments to fill them. Hopefully will work out which will give me something awesome to do. Even so, though, I reckon i need to get me a project. And not just a load of meaningless qualifications either. (did i mention i did a coffee making course? I'll tell you a super secret coffee maker secret: most of it is pretty much the same, especially in a take away cup. I mean, feel free to order your long mac topped up. It's just basically the same as a latte is all.)

(and off the train.)

i dunno. I have a list of goals i kinda want to do, but they reckon you shouldn't tell people your goals because talking about them activates the same brain response as actually doing them but without the actual doing. okay. I'm coming up to home now. And by my calculations i've now been up for 16 straight hours, written four essays and watched 9 films (even if they were quite short ones.) so i think i'm gonna go to sleep, and think about projects and goals and my not unimpressive list of movies to watch tomorrow.

Or not. Whatever.

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