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Worldbuilding: In and Out

27 December 201203:49AMworldbuilding

Having decided that I want to do a twist on generic fantasy, I should probably figure out exactly what those twists are going to be.

Don't worry though. Everything's going to be fine. I have a list. Actually, two lists. Let's start with what I'm taking out.


So having ripped out and/or eliminated from potential inclusion all that stuff, we're left with humans on foot with swords and some unknown type of magic, fighting monsters everywhere except forests. That, to me, sounds like a pretty good base to start adding things to. AND ADD I SHALL.


Alright, I think I've got enough to work with there. I'll probably go through that point by point and flesh each of those out properly with background and philosophising and maybe even stats.

Tomorrow, though, I think I'll make maps.

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