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Worldbuilding: Parameters

26 December 201209:39AMworldbuilding

Having finished coding my blatant blogspot ripoff, I'm left bereft of a project for the next week or so. And in the spirit of totally not biting off more than I can chew, I think I've thought of something.

I'm going to build a world.

Yeah, that doesn't sound hubristic at all.


I've got a couple of rough ideas about what I want to include and not include, but first I should probably figure out exactly what it is I want to end up with.

Like, what's this hypothetical world going to be used for? Honestly? Most likely D&D;, or a similar RPG-type activity. I don't currently have the discipline to write the kind of story that would need an internally consistent world, and I'm not really in a position to make a video game or a movie right at the moment, so... yeah. I'm going to be designing with a tabletop RPG in mind. This actually has a pretty huge impact on how I think I should sort of set things out, as we may or may not see later.

What about genre and tone? I've got a couple of ideas, but the one I feel the most like fleshing out at the moment (possibly due to a week-long Lord of the Rings marathon) is a modified medieval fantasy one. Fantasy is one of those genres with a really well set out bunch of tropes which you can add to and remove from and tweak, while still having boundaries creatively speaking. By which I mean, it's easier to come up with your own twist on the classics than it is to invent a whole new setting from scratch.

As for tone, while I'm partial to a bit of humour and I've tried it in the past, I reckon I'll play it straight this time. Especially since exposure to players is always going bring that... special element of unpredictability to any setting. Not that I'm going totally grimdark or gritty realist either. More 'classic adventure story'.


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