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Worldbuilding: Errata?!

03 January 201309:40AMworldbuilding

I've been going for barely a week and there's already a pile of stuff I need to revise or forgot to include. And since I don't have an edit button per se, it's easier to just do one post full of tall the miscellaneous junk I missed.


As you might've picked up, I've settled on Pathfinder. It's well-known, and we're familiar with it, and a lot of elements of the universe are sort of subconsciously designed around it already.

This comes with some caveats though. First is that it's not the same Fantasy Kitchen Sink as Pathfinder usually. Don't assume that because something is in the rulebook it's going to exist. And second, as a corollary to that, if I'm going to commit to Pathfinder then I'm going to bloody well go all the way. All the weird ideas I've wanted to include and annoying bits I've wanted to ditch, I'm going to do. I want this to be my go-to Pathfinder setting, and I don't want to have to go through all this again every time I want to run a game. This is it, in other words. My Pathfinder Setting™.


The stats for goblins were kind of made up on the spot. After I played around with the race builder, I went back and redid them.

Instead, they become +2 to CON and STR and -2 to CHA. Although, Morgan pointed out that it's pretty weird for a small race to have a strength bonus, and weird for an archery-focused race to not get a dexterity bonus. So that one's still a little bit up for revision.

The other thing that the goblin article didn't make clear is that they are actually a player race. There are tribes of goblins who are indifferent towards humans in general (though probably not to the point of being 'friendly') and it's not unheard of for goblins to strike away from their clan to become mercenaries. Goblin mercenaries are treated with equal parts respect, for their survival and fighting skills, and mistrust, cause they're goblins. Generally they'll fit in better in places like The Edges than in 'proper' cities.

East-West relations

Something I left out of Dirty Politics (as if that one wasn't long enough already) is the tensions between east and west. It's not war (as if they could wage war across that huge-ass desert), but it is such that an easterner will be treated as a suspicious foreigner in western villages, and a westerner will be considered a clueless farmer in eastern villages. They depend on each other for resources too much for it to go far beyond casual racism, though.


Minor thing. I left a scale off the map. I want the cities to be about three weeks apart by wagon, and Google says a wagon train would get 10-15 miles on a good day. Which makes the desert about 300 miles across. I'd like it to be bigger than that. Call it 500, and we'll say that they walk through the night as well. I'll put that down the the fact that they're using especially evolved desert oxen instead of horses. That seems handwavey enough.

Bird People is a stupid name.

But I can't think of a better one. I was thinking something with Avian as the root word (Avix? Aviad? Avic?), but then I realised I had a Greek-themed-name civilisation already.

How about something simpler. Feathered? Wing-folk? Feathermen? Talonfolk?

Hm. I like that. Talonfolk. Except, it sounds too similar to Kal/Kallan, and I've just said I want to avoid that. Maybe I just refactor it a bit? So a Kal is Kallish, the race is 'the Kal'. A Talon is Talonic, their race is 'Talonfolk'.

Hopefully that's different enough.

The ancient empire

One thing I forgot to mention about Kal is that, as befitting a mysterious city, they claim they used to be the seat of an ancient empire which controlled much of the northern desert. Most people are sceptical, but every now and then a sandstorm uncovers a very familiar-looking ruin...

Man, all this internal consistency crap is boring. Can I go back to making stuff up already?

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