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Worldbuilding: Finished.

19 January 201302:55PMworldbuilding

Wait, what about that other thing?

The city inside the volcano? Yeah, about that. It's an awesome idea, but it's one that I thought up before, and it doesn't really fit into the setting as it is. I already drew it too, and I'd have preferred to do a step by step thing like I did for the maps. Plus, I kinda want to give this a setting of its own. Cause it's just that cool.

In case you're wondering, it would've looked like this.

So without further ado, I'm declaring this setting officially Finished. At least content wise. Hooray! There's still a few loose ends to tie up though, so hang around for the rest of this post.

Adventure Hooks

I couldn't not write these. These are one of my favourite things about settings - the list of ideas for adventures. In case you hadn't already picked up on it, a lot of this stuff is sort of written with trade caravans in mind, and so the adventures will revolve around that. A group of traders and mercenaries banding together for mutual protection makes a lot more sense than a bunch of guys meeting in a tavern, and I reckon I should take advantage of that.

This isn't one of those 'start off small, get bigger' type settings. Gritty realism has its place, but it's not here. Characters should be big damn heroes right from the start. None of this "first level" claptrap. Which reminds me.

The System

Savage Worlds. It's a little lighter than something like Pathfinder, but not as light as something like FATE. Which is to say, it does still use miniatures and six-second combat rounds, but it has fewer tables and the grapple rules are actually usable. Which is a good thing, because there are loads of fun rules like that and combat is really boring if you don't use them.

The magic system is nice too. You get 3-ish spells, and buy new ones with edges (basically feats). Each one is generic, usually has a degree of modifiability, and you write your own fluff.

And it's classless. It's actually really tough to find a system that's not somehow d20-related that still uses classes these days. I actually prefer it. It opens up more options than it closes - you can still play a glass-cannon wizard if you like, but you can also play a wizard who stabs people with a huge sword, and is good at it. That and flaws I think encourage playing characters rather than class stereotypes.

Best of all, it's actually easy to write new rules for (which I'll do at a later date), because everything is based of the same system. Your attack has to overcome their parry (which is based on their attack) and because they're both rated in a dice and not modifiers it's easy to figure out how strong, on average, an attack is... look it's just neat, okay?

(And did I mention it does, like, superheroes and space combat and 20s action adventure and horror and and and... So good.)

The Name

The one thing I haven't done yet is give the setting a name. And I still had no idea, until I went to make a thumbnail thingy for my projects page about five minutes ago, and tried to grab the section of the map which I thought was most representative of the setting and... I had a name.

The Desert RoadStraightforward and to the point.

Now I've just gotta find someone to play the bloody thing...

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