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Worldbuilding: The Unnamed Mechanical Humanoids

08 January 201311:23AMworldbuilding

I had no idea where to start with Warforged, other than the fact that I probably can't use the name Warforged because of some kind of copyright. Plus, I was busy today, buying a copy of the Savage Worlds rulebook. So I let James design them for me.

This cannot possibly go wrong.

Warforged (Mageborn?, Puppets?, Stormborn?)

By Jim

A race of machine created long ago (possibly by the same wizards that created the Talonfolk) for the express purpose of combat.

As the race that created them has perished, so too have most of their number. Only a few remain, washed up on shorelines or revealed by the eternally shifting sands of the desert.

Most have very few (if any) memories of their previous lives though they always retain their basic programming (combat skills/survival and their language).

As a machine race they have no need to eat, breathe or sleep. This coupled with their built in combat training makes many of them prefer mercenary or adventuring work to other jobs.

Too few of them exist to form a meaningful society, though do have their own machine language for fast communication in combat.

Like other sentient races they have a variety of attitudes towards each other and other races, although most share an abnormally high curiosity about new things.

They are proficient with most weapons and can see in the dark.

There are 2 known models: scouts, and soldiers.

Scouts are fast and strong (+STR,+DEX) whereas soldiers and strong and tough (+STR,+CON).

(Scouts are much less common than soldiers as few have survived the ages buried in the desert sands).

However they generally lack common sense and aren't very knowledgeable in many areas (-WIS or -INT?).

Some warforged have hidden functionalities/weapons/behaviours keyed to specific old language phrases, so they aren't generally allowed to meet kings/important people as they themselves are sort of walking, talking weapons.

They can comprehend the language of the ancients but not speak or write it as they're made to be given orders to. or maybe just simple words or something.

I was just going to have them be interested in organic life + share a sort of comradery with the Talonfolk, which may or may not be reciprocated. And also, that eastern state place with the weird religion claims ownership of them as they claim to be part of that older kingdom. In their view warforged are property of the state.


We still haven't really got a name yet, so if you have suggestions... suggest away.

Also, I have to include this bit from the conversation we had about them too:

[BUmb] Betrayer: once you've red it tell me what you think
[BUmb] Rocky: i like the curiosity bit
[BUmb] Betrayer: their like cats
[BUmb] Betrayer: giant magical metal killer cats
[BUmb] Betrayer: :P

Sounds pretty good to me.

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