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So Uni's back.

01 March 201303:16AMlife

I hit the unit jackpot this semester. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you COMM3003, or "Designing Virtual Play" to its friends. It's about games. I have a unit about games. Where the homework consists of playing games, so you can discuss games in tutes. And then, for an assignment, you make a game. Not a video game obviously, because arts students can't code. A board game. But still.

Oh man. This is gonna be so cool.


Aw, peas. I can't just post that. That looks anemic and silly. Alright. Lets... uh, review some stuff. That's always good filler.

Stargate SG-1
Even though Matt and I watched all of Atlantis and Universe last year, by the numbers we still haven't watched most of Stargate. So we started with season 1, episode 1. It's pretty cool. Although a bit weird knowing where they end up. There's just such a massive technological shift between what we've seen already and what we're seeing here... it's practically a different show. I guess what makes it work is SG-1 being such great guys. I am getting a little sick of the 'someone brings back a horrible contagion' plot though...

Good. Could've been amazing though. I liked that it didn't have a downer ending, despite that seeming to be where it was headed. Ironically though, I think it needed more time in the editing room. There were a couple of bits where I didn't get why they'd been included. The parts where Hitch sees himself at the crime scene? Is that like a dream? Or some weird hallucination? I dunno. I did like the 4th-wall breaking though, and the acting was pretty top-notch.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
Almost, but not quite, so bad it's good. There are about forty lines of dialogue in the whole film. Half of them are Hansel and Gretel saying 'fuck', and the other half are the villain monologue. The action scenes were fun to watch though. It's a good one to keep up your own running commentary for, not just because it markedly improves the movie, but also because the theatre is pretty much guaranteed to be empty. I didn't enjoy the movie, but I enjoyed watching it. If that makes sense.

The Guild
Oh my. How have I not seen this until now? Wait, I know exactly how. I do this thing where I hear of something peripherally and then think, nah, there's too much background to get into that thing. I did it with Homestar Runner where I stumbled on to the Wikipedia page for Trogdor, and then dismissed it like that. And look how that turned out. The Guild was the same. Knew it existed, didn't know where to start. Anyway, now I have. Everyone should watch it. It's amazing.

This poster next to my bed
I've had this poster on the chest of drawers next to my bed for about eight years, and in that entire time I have never noticed that it lists the equatorial radius of Mercury as 7240km. The Earth, according to the very same table, is 6378km. This is pretty obviously wrong, for what I hope are pretty obvious reasons. The main problem with this poster, though, isn't that it's factually incorrect. It's that it took me eight years to notice that the smallest planet in the Solar System is apparently bigger than every other planet this side of the asteroid belt, because this poster is not actually very interesting to look at. Which, in a visual medium, is a pretty massive failing. I'm thinking I should abuse the library's A3 printer to make myself some new ones.

Alright. Is that enough filler yet?

...yeah, probably.

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