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Songs to ride trains to

20 March 201306:56AMlinks

I've been meaning for a while now to make a playlist of all the stuff I like to listen to on the train, and then I realised that - hey, since that's the only real time I use the mp3 player in my phone, why not just look at the Top Played list? So I tried that today, and it worked brilliantly. Every single song that came up was an "Oh cool, I love this one". I didn't even skip once. NOT EVEN ONCE.

The result is a list that's pretty soundtrack-heavy, pretty internet-centric, and somewhere between 'nerderiffic' and 'actually embarrassing' on the coolness scale. This isn't the be all and end all of music I like to listen to though. It's just the be all and end all of music I like to listen to on trains. I'm much cooler when I'm not on a train. No, seriously.

  1. Presenting VVVVVV - SoulEye
    This is from the soundtrack to VVVVVV. It's a really chilled ambient chiptune. It's on the top of the list because it loops seamlessly and blends nicely into the background, so I just leave it on repeat for hours.

  2. My Bing-a-ling - Todd Bryanton
    This is the 'crazy shenanigans' background music from Past Bing Future Bing, which is one of the most ambitious video projects I've ever seen. You should go watch all, like, 11 hours of it. Again, it's in here because it sounds good in the background.

  3. Game of Thrones Cover Mashup Thingy.
    This is a pretty quick and dirty mashup of two excellent arrangements of the theme music from Game of Thrones. It is not cultured or interesting or anything like that. It just sounds amazing.

  4. Skyrim Theme - Jason Yang
    By the guy responsible for the violin half of the above. I don't even Skyrim, I just like the music. Yeah, I'm a goddamn casual. Get over it.

  5. Tortuga - Hans Zimmer
    Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I've put this in a list before...

  6. A Proper Story - Darren Korb
    The soundtrack from Bastion is so good I bought it twice. I've almost certainly spent more hours listening to the soundtrack than playing the actual game.

  7. I'm the one thats cool - The Guild
    Did you know there's an actual band called The Guild? And that on Spotify, their stuff is all mixed up with the novelty songs from the webseries? I find that pretty funny for some reason.

  8. Re: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton
    This is one of those weird coincidences. I had this song way before I connected it with Jonathan Coulton. And then the Humble Music bundle happened and I thought "Wait what? Still Alive Guy wrote that zombie song? Awesome!". And that is why you should always tag your mp3s properly.

  9. This Too Shall Pass (J Arthur Keanes Band Remix) - OK GO
    Also from the Humble Music Bundle, and also chiptuney. If we were playing bingo with these, this one would tick all the boxes. Do you even tick boxes in bingo?

  10. On A Pale Horse - Martin O'Donnell/Michael Salvatori
    Yes okay I like the Halo soundtrack. Stop judging me.

  11. 'hoy, Small Fry! - HyperDuck SoundWorks (?!)
    Another theme music remix from a game I barely play. In a weird case of parallel evolution, there's an almost identical track here which is entirely acoustic. So that's, uh, interesting I guess.

If I'd sat down and made that list, it probably wouldn't have looked like that. Now that I see it though, it's actually pretty much dead accurate. That was actually a pretty interesting exercise in defining taste by statistics.

Because it sure as hell wasn't defined by actual taste. OOH, SELF BURN.

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