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Braindump: Do I need to sleep with the window open?

14 May 201303:41AMbraindump

Welcome to Brain Dump week, wherein I give cursory attention to the stuff which has been on my list of stuff to write for ages in order to free up brain space. Yes, I know it's a Tuesday. I can start a week thing on Tuesday if I want. Take your dumb conventions elsewhere, you.

For several years now I've always kept the window open when I go to bed. This is despite the weather, and despite the wind bashing the roller blind keeping me awake or forcing me to endure the harsh light of morning. This is because one night I woke up and my room was incredibly stuffy and ever since then I've had this vague fear that I'm gonna run out of air during the night.

Don't laugh. This thinking is mostly done late at night. Or very early in the morning. It doesn't have to make sense.

Anyway, instead of watching my lectures I'm going to figure out if this is actually possible.

My room is 4.5mx3.5mx2.6m, with a slanted roof which cuts out a 2.2x1.3 triangle from the profile. Like this:

Therefore, the volume of my room is (I think) 34.5m^3, or 34500L.

(Fun fact: that means if you filled my room with water, it would weigh 34 and a half tonnes.)

Google tells me that the atmosphere is about 21% oxygen, and exhaled air is about 16% oxygen. Google also tells me that I breathe about 8L of air a minute. If I'm extracting 5% of the oxygen from that, it means I consume 0.4L of oxygen a minute. That's 24L an hour.

With me so far?

Okay, so of the 34500L of air in my room, 7245L is oxygen. If I spent 8 hours sleeping in a perfectly sealed room, that'd drop to... 7058L. Which, as a percentage of the total, is about 20.4%.

Now, these figures are all kinda ballparky. It's possible that I do decrease the oxygen content of the air by .6% overnight. With the right equipment, that might even be measurable. What it is not, is life-threatening. Or even noticeable, which apparently happens at about 17%.

I'll probably still sleep with the window open though.

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