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Braindump: Gyroscopes are weird.

15 May 201310:53AMbraindump

This is brain dump week, where I finally write the stuff which is sitting up the back of my brain going stale. Yes, I know this one is a video. It's my dumb website, I can do what I want.

(It is my secret ambition to slowly buy one of everything from the Scitech gift shop. They have the coolest stuff.)

Man, how weird are gyroscopes? I've spent all afternoon alternating between playing with one, reading Wikipedia pages, and editing slow motion video, and I'll be honest, I'm still pretty far away from actually understanding what I'm looking at. This is wrinkling my brain.

On a not entirely unrelated note, teaching yourself stuff without having a course to push you along is hard. How do I motivation? As of right now the only thing keeping me going on this particular wiki-delve is sheer bloody- minded frustration, and I'll be honest, it looks like it may be heading towards me teaching myself to use vectors at two in the morning when I should be writing an essay.

Goddamn it you little spinning bastard, what keeps you up?!

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