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Braindump: Lunch

20 May 201303:55PMbraindump

When I started uni, I was all "I'm a uni kid now! Uni kids don't take lunchboxes!". Except, two things. One is that food on campus is expensive, especially compared to food from home, which is free. And two, is that if you try to put sandwiches in your bag without something to protect them they end up all squished. So now I take a lunchbox to uni.

Here's my problem though: once I've eaten all of the food inside the lunchbox, there's nothing left inside the lunchbox, and so I have to cart around two thousand cubic centimetres of useless space for the rest of the day.

I see two solutions to this. Either I go disposable, and use takeaway containers, which don't hold enough and are fraught with problems environmentally speaking. Or, someone (not me though) invents a collapsible lunch box. They kind of exist at the moment, but they're that wibbly folding silicon stuff which again, doesn't hold an awful lot and also doesn't actually protect what's in it. I might as well use the cooler bag that came with my high school backpack.

No, I want a proper lunchbox made of plastic plastic, or maybe even metal, which is held together with clips and hinges so that I can fold it down to a flat sheet and stick it with my books and thus make my backpack less bulky. But apparently these don't exist.

PS: If they do exist, please let me know. Thank you.

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