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Braindump: Pet Peeves

19 May 201307:45AMbraindump

I have a couple of pet peeves. Stuff like using 'less' instead of 'fewer' to refer to discrete quantities. Or people using the word 'problematic' to cover up the fact that they basically want to say 'I disagree'. Or middle-aged adults who, when they discover you failed your driving test, all proceed to recount exactly the same story about how back in their day they dropped into the local cop shop and went around the block with the officer who happened to be there at the time and it took thirty seconds and they stalled six times and that was it they could drive and they drove the cops to the pub on the way home.

You know what annoys me even more than that dull pointless story though? Pet peeves.


Why is this an okay thing to do? Surely if something pisses you off, you should do something about it. Or have an angry rant about it and get it out of your system (though apparently that doesn't work [citation needed]), or consciously decide not to let it bother you any more. Categorising and internalising your dislike as part of your self-definition is possibly the worst thing you could do.

Sometimes it comes up as a conversation point. Like, "oh, please listen to my exhaustive list of defined targets of irritation. And then, why not tell me yours? And then we can bond, over scones. And hatred."

Having a quantified, categorised list of things which you dislike just seems like an awful waste of energy. Not least because I know the way my brain works, and thus I know I would have an actual text file. One peeve per line, in chronological order. It'd be under /home/rocky/Dropbox/my- documents/notes/peeves.txt. If it existed. Which it does not. Because I have made a conscious decision not to let it.

People keep pet cats. Or pet iguanas. Or pet octopi, though that seems like it might be risky. But not pet fleas, or pet staphylococcus. What should we learn from this? Cultivate hobbies, or interests, or eccentricities. Don't cultivate peeves. Cause that's just dumb.

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