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[Melbourne] Target is Totally a Tourist Attraction

17 July 201301:26AMpaxtravel

(Say that ten times fast...)

Nothing much interesting has happened in the 12 hours since we left Perth, but if you don't start these things on the first day then you end us not starting at all, so here I am.

Actually, that's not entirely true. We did sort of get evacuated from the airport. Our flight was just about to board, when this really frickin' loud siren started doing its thing, and some prerecorded bloke asked everyone to evacuate the terminal immediately. Everyone did, which was pretty surprising. Usually when those things go off, everyone just stands around gaping and wondering what's going on. Anyway, that set our flight back another half-hour. We never found out what it was.

The flight itself was pleasant enough. They took one look at us and upgraded us all to exit row seats, which was pretty great. I've never had that much leg room on a plane in my life.

(I feel like the hallmark of good travel writing is that you leave out the details about the airport and the plane. Alas, this is not good travel writing.)

We rocked up to the hostel at about a quarter to one, having walked for 20 minutes from the bus station across an unknown part of an unknown city after midnight, which is totally a safe thing to do.

And then... well, we'll just skim over how awfully I slept last night.

It's a quarter past nine. (Don't let the timestamp fool you - much like my colleagues back in the room, it's still on Perth time). So far I'm the only one up, 'cause I decided there weren't nothin' to be gained by lyin' 'round starin' at the ceilin'. Which I suspect is why I'm getting away with writing this in public without the attentions of the peanut gallery.

Plans for today:

And that's about it. Hopefully something fun will happen today, so I can write less about the mundane crap I need to buy at Target.


God I'm bored. I think it's time these guys woke up.

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