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[PAX] Questions and Queues

21 July 201304:20PMpaxtravel

Actually written yesterday, posted today. Mmm, minty fresh.

So this happened.

Talking to a crowd of strangers and their associated famous persons is surprisingly nerve-racking. I think could've maybe phrased it a bit better, but honestly? How do you rehearse for something like that?

Anyway, I was riding the adrenaline rush for like an hour after that, and then I crashed and suddenly got really really hungry. I guess that's how these things work.

The only reason we got into that panel is because James, Haydn and I really wanted to go, so we left the hostel an hour early, and arrived as they were opening the gates, and then queued for probably an hour to get in early. I can't, unfortunately, say the same for any of the other panels that were on today. This convention seems to have a serious queueing out problem.

(Like, seriously. We were turning up to panels 45 minutes in advance and being turned away because they were already full.)

Basically, the number of people who want to attend any given panel massively outnumber the number of seats available. The queueing system allows the first people who get there the chance at seats. To put it another way, the only people who will ever be in panels are the ones who queued hours to get in. Or to put it another way, the system incentivises arriving as early as possible and then wasting as much time as possible.

Obviously the best way to fix this is to move to a larger venue, so that the queue time decreases. But I wonder if just asking people not to queue so early would also work. The first ones there will still get seats first, but with less wasting of everyone's time.

The stuff we did get into was awesome though. Make-A-Strip was pure hilarity (and surprisingly few dumb questions... well done, Australia). And then there was this little thing called the Omegathon.

The Omegathon is 24 random attendees who compete across the weekend. The round we saw was right before the concerts, and it was actually fun to watch! Partly because of the running commentary, partly because of the atmosphere, but mostly because I actually understood the game that was being played (it was Defense Grid). I honestly never really 'got' competitive gaming - specifically, watching competitive gaming - until tonight. It was awesome.

Oh, and the concerts! They were pretty great too. There was this one band called 7-bit Hero, who proclaimed themselves as half-band, half-video game. They were meant to have this interactive technology where you play a game along to their music on the big screens using your smartphone app, but it didn't really work out. Cool idea though. Personally I think the music was pretty good all by itself. Though there's some contention over that.

Then I was tired and we left. We stopped and got asian foods and Codral on the way back, because I was also pretty hungry and getting a cold. I'm informed that those facts conspired to make me also pretty cranky, but I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor.

What I can confirm is me, for tiredest. So uh, I'm gonna go now.


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