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[PAX] This is it.

23 July 201309:18AMpaxtravel

Sunday. The last day of that thing we came here for. This had better be awesome. Although considering that breakfast comprised entirely of pastry, it probably can't get much better.

I went in today with a mission. I was gonna actually do all the stuff I'd seen on my travels in the last couple days. Even if the queues killed me.

This is an Oculus Rift. In case you somehow missed it somehow, it's a virtual reality headset. Personally, I did not believe the hype. People have been trying to make virtual reality headsets for years, and they've never caught on.

This one's different though, and I think it's actually because of all the hype. Not only is accelerometer-based technology for head-tracking a lot better (I assume because of smartphones and stuff), y crowd-funding it, and drumming up all that hype, they've actually created kind of a standard. If a game's gonna support VR, it's gonna be the Rift. That's a pretty impressive achievement.

As far as actually using it? It was good. Not, like, mind-blowing, but fun and and immersive. And a little bit creepy, especially when you look down and your body is missing. Yeesh.

The next thing on my list was a card game called Sentinels of the Multiverse. It's a co-op card game, where everyone plays a superhero (a deck of cards) against a supervillain (another deck of cards, which plays itself using conditions and randomness, which is neat.)

It was a lot of fun, and we actually got to sit down and play with the guy who designed the game. He was this very enthusiastic American bloke, and (as you'd hope) he really knew his stuff. That's one of the things I was probably expecting least about this show: The extent to which the people you see in the booths are the people responsible for making the thing you're playing, especially with the smaller games.

(Like, when I was playing Story War on Friday, someone said, "I really like the flavour text on these cards. It's great!". To which the guy across from us, who I'd assumed was another random player, said, "Thanks! I wrote it!".)

The playing with strangers thing was one of the other things I wanted to do. Turns out my colleagues had never played Cards Against Humanity, so we grabbed a copy from the game library. Rather than play with just us, I also grabbed a little triangular sign which said something like "Come play with us!". Because hideously offensive humour is much funnier when it's with strangers. Obviously.

Within 2 minutes we had three new players and a couple of spectators, all of whom had never played before but had heard about it. Which, considering the game's content, I'm not sure is entirely a good thing.

Anyway, it's nice to be somewhere that you have enough in common with strangers to have them just walk up to you and join in.

And then we queued for the final round of the Omegathon. Which, having seen last night, nobody wanted to miss.

And remember that giant Jenga set I mentioned on Friday? Guess what the final round was...

Most intense game of Jenga. Ever.

And that was PAX.

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