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[PAX/Melbourne] The wrap up

25 July 201308:02AMpaxtravel

Three days late. Oops.

I'm in the grippe (ha.) of Pax Pox right now and the Panadol Cold/Flu I grabbed from Coles on the way to the airport isn't really helping, so I don't really feel like writing a lot. Instead, let me sum up.

Plus I don't wanna be that guy who tries to actually get stuff done on the plane. Because nobody likes that guy.

PAX AUS: 8/10, awesome, needs bigger venue, but would attend again for sure. Might even consider volunteering, if my companions aren't coming. Which they have indicated they may not.

The PAX Keynote, which I missed on the first day and have just watched in lieu of in-flight entertainment, was pretty great. It really was story time, with some interesting morals about the nature of creativity. I actually gave the file to the guy next to me, who also missed it. Since the cheapest flight out the day after PAX is obviously gonna be full of attendees. He bought the same shirt as me, and we chatted in the airport, and then it turns out he was in the seat next to me. Weird, huh?

The compiled photos from the whole trip can be found here. Hooray for Dropbox.

My traveling companions were- just kidding. What kinda douchebag rates his friends?*

Melbourne is nice. They definitely have the whole culture thing nailed down, that's for sure. I'd go again. Even just for the museum.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, which we are inexplicably carting back with us, are just... what? I don't get it. They're doughnuts. Pretty average doughnuts. Just because we don't have a chain in Perth doesn't make it magic, guys.

Anyway, since I know more people read these when I've been travelling, I'll say thanks for reading. And ask you to excuse me while I get back to being sick.


*Zero out of ten. Awful people, the lot of them. (Just kidding. Should I even need to say 'just kidding'?)

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