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01 January 201411:10AMthings

So the last thing I wrote here was a little on the deep end. Which is fine. It's my blog. I do what I want. But it did leave me feeling that I needed to follow it up with something equally profound and symbolic, which is not actually very easy.

But January first is one of those dates which despite being utterly unremarkable in every other respect, automatically gives anything done on it a totally undeserved sense of gravitas.

In order to ruthlessly exploit this effect, I'm posting this. It's like the blogging equivalent of one of those little marker-y things they used to put in index card files before people stopped using index card files, because seriously, who uses index card files? It has no meaning on its own, but is an excellent way of separating your Ps from your Qs. Where P in this case is a slightly melodromatic retrospective, and Q is a thing I've been wanting to write for at least a month about smartphones, but couldn't because it didn't feel right.

Anyway. May your 2014 be well-delineated and filled with good fortune and overly laboured metaphors.

Happy new year.

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