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Take a deep breath.

06 March 201404:37PMlife

Oh wow. What the heck happened to Februrary?

Okay, so let me tell you about last month.

Last month actually begins in December. Last time I was giving blood, they asked me if I wanted to give donating plasma a try.

(This was literally while I was donating. I had a needle sticking out of my arm and everything.)

"Sure," I said, "Book me in whenever you like."

The guy comes back, and says, "Well, we have one on the 21st, but the system says that's your birthday..." And he sort of trailed off.

"Nope," I say jauntily, "That should be fine. Nothing much planned for that week anyway."

Famous last words.

Fast forward to January. Specifically Monday, January 20th, where our tale begins in earnest. I'm at an internship. My birthday is tomorrow, and I'll be in here then as well. My plasma appointment has been moved to Thursday, as has, by an odd chain of events, my birthday party. A little tight, but not impossible, I think. Then the phone rings.

I don't answer it of course. That would be rude. I spend 20 minutes later on playing phone chasey, and eventually I figure out who it was.

"Hi. This is Jane from Scitech, calling about your interview last week."

(Oh yeah, I'd had an interview the week before. I made balloon rockets for it. It was pretty rad.)

"We'd like to offer you a job on the Science Squad."

"Wow, that's awesome," I say.

"Would you like a moment to think about it? You can call ba-"

"No! I mean, yes! Of course I'll take it."

And since that point, I have seemingly not had a chance to breathe, let alone stop and take stock. But it seems absurd to me that my life has taken this awesome 45 degree twist to the right and is twisting merrily towards a very reasonable approximation of an actual career, and I haven't written any of it down - despite the fact that said career looks to be in the field of writing.

In my defence, it has only been-

It's been a month?

And then some?


So here is the situation, as it stands.

Two days a week, I'm doing an internship. It's slightly outside my field, but fascinating nonetheless. As part of this internship I do things like transcribe interviews, and also go to events and publish articles about those events on websites.

I don't know how much long this is going to go on for, but while it does, it's awesome.

occasionally also pretty much your standard internship. yknow. trexes

Then there's Scitech. I've over the last six-ish weeks, I've experimented with 3D printing. I've solved a cryptic crossword clue for the first time. I've wrangled toddlers and parents with prams, and mastered the mysteries of a truly arcane parking arrangement. I've replicated a dozen scenes from other people's vac-work using nothing but hand puppets, and I've taken a class of pre-primary kids on what I'm pretty sure was not just my first excursion, but their first too. I've had the odd and gratifying experience of waking up in the morning and actually looking forward to going to work. I don't know how to quantify this experience for you in ways that don't involve a long string of expletives followed by the word 'awesome'.

Which is good, because I seem to be spending an awful lot of time there. One thing they don't seem to teach you in school time management - sure, you get pretty good at it on a micro scale, but not so much on a macro scale, with things like how to arrange your week without the scaffold of an institutional timetable to shape it. They never tell you, for example, how important weekends are. As a noob to adulthood, I have not properly been factoring this kind of time in. You know, the kind of time you use to, like, do shopping, and washing, and paying the instalments on your growing sleep debt.

(For context: I've been living at my dad's by myself for a while. Living by myself isn't new, doing so on an appreciably larger budget is pretty novel. Like, it turns out that paying slightly more for groceries that are closer to your house is not a scam, it's actually very convenient, because the groceries are closer to your house, and ain't nobody got time to go traipsing around markets and stuff all the time.)

The other fairly significant thing that happened - and somehow, happened in the same week as donating plasma and starting two jobs - was that I turned 21. That wasn't even in February. It was honestly probably one of the best birthdays I've ever had. It was fun and comfortable and not actually that crazy. Except possibly for the part where we were the last ones left in the bar and broke a glass on the way out.

closing time

(If you were there, then please accept this very late 'thanks for coming. Seriously, it was great.)

I guess the moral, here, is that-



I guess the moral is that sometimes things move pretty quickly, and that if you want a record of them, you have to just stop and do it. Even if that means racking up sleep debt. I know that's not an amazing note to finish on, but at least it's accurate. And right now, I think accurate is about as good as it's going to get.

Thanks, and goodnight.

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