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Dramatis Personae

24 June 201410:41AMeurope-2014travel

Time to meet your all-star cast:

Rockwell "Your Humble Narrator" McGellin

Blogger. Obsessive light packer. Says "it'll be fine" a lot.

Most likely to lose passport.

Wants to see bog people in Ireland.

Grace The Chick Ritter

Spanish speaker. Token female on this leg of flights. Was told to "look after those boys" by both my mum and James.

Most likely to find Rockwell's passport.

Wants to fill everyone's excess luggage capacity with shoes.

Morgan Nickname Lewis

Says "Not with that attitude!" a lot. Undeservedly categorised as serial worrier; is actually pretty chill. Packed at least half as much again as I did.

Most likely to tell me off.

Wants to see Jess.

Ben Switzerland Deeks

Has free accommodation in Switzerland, which despite a laundry list of relatives or pseudo-relatives living overseas between us, is the only free accommodation we could scrounge up. Props to Ben! Packed almost as little as I did.

Most likely to accidentally get fifth-wheeled... Oops.

Wants to not get fifth-wheeled, presumably.

Together the four of us look like this:

also note John "Captain Jack Harkness" Barrowman, checking in behind us, on
his way home from Supanova

Joining us in London will be:

Jess "Been there, Done that" Smith, who is also blogging which you should read - I'm not sure I'm meant to publicly plug it like that, but what the heck - and Brittany "Bath Bombs" Hawker, who apparently yelled the word bomb (preceded by bath, obviously) very loudly across the airport. That's doesn't necessarily tell you anything about her, I just thought it was funny.

And as for where our excellent adventures will be:

June 23 Perth > KL

KL > London

June 24 - July 1 Some kind of short term rented flat in London.

July 1 London > Dublin

July 1 - July 5 Dublin, Ireland

July 5 Dublin > Madrid

July 5 - July 8 Madrid, Spain

July 8 Spanish train to Barcelona

July 8 - July 11 Barcelona, Spain

July 11 - July 13

Some kind of train from Barcelona to somewhere?

Some kind of accomodation at somewhere?

Some kind of train from somewhere to Florence?

July 13 - July 16 Some kind of short term rented flat in Florence, Italy

July 17 Train to Bern, Switzerland

July 17 - July 19 Free house with people Ben knows in Switzerland.

July 20 Train to Paris

July 20 - July 26 Some kind of short term rented flat in Paris.

July 26 Paris > KL

July 27 KL > Perth (Arrive in Perth approx. 3PM)

Nice of you to join us. Here we go...

< Here we go... ha. cockfosters. >