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23 June 201409:42PMeurope-2014travel

I just realised I've written about a page about everything I see in front of me in a freaking airport. Imagine how excited I'll be once we actually get somewhere! Travelling- it's kinda like that.
- Me, December 2010.

I feel like the hallmark of good travel writing is that you leave out the details about the airport and the plane. Alas, this is not good travel writing.
- Me, July 2013.

It's sort of a tradition around here that I start off every trip with something vaguely meditative about airports, which is usually because we end up sitting in one waiting for a flight. And as much as I'd like to continue with that tradition, I don't actually have anything novel to say about airports this time around, so I'm going to talk logistics instead. Equally dull, but a little more braggy and a little less observational humour.

For example, I feel a bit proud that I managed to get my luggage down to 8.5 kilogr- oh god I'm bored already, and I'm writing.

Let's talk about airports instead.

This was by far the most painless experience I've ever had in an airport. We breezed through checkin and blasted - okay, not the best word - through security and pretty much just had time for me to impulse buy a mocha because I don't know that they have choc milk overseas and pretty much jumped on the plane.

It was almost trivially easy. Maybe I'm too seasoned a traveller, or maybe Perth airport has been working on their efficiency or something. I guess that's a good thing, but it was almost too much like taking a bus, you know? There's something to be said for waiting in airports and the hassle of security being the new 60s romance of air travel - like, at least all that stuff adds a bit of excitement. This was... boring.

I mean, except for the part where we got strapped into a metal tube and hurled through the atmosphere at 900 kilometers an hour until we're in England. That's still not boring in the slightest.

(I may be the only person on the planet who doesn't hate take-off and landing. They're exciting, even when they are boring and everyday.)

(Did you know that boring and Boeing are sufficiently close to each other to confuse Microsoft's autocorrect?)

Oh right - that. I want to talk about what I'm blogging on. It's a Nokia Lumia 800, and it is doing triple duty as typewriter, camera, and in-flight entertainment, with the help of a fairly standard USB backup battery. This is my last concession to my original crazy-light travel plan, which I guess I should fess up to for posterity: I had originally planned to just take carry- on on this trip. People told me this was nuts, and I secretly agreed, but being a stubborn idiot refused to admit that I was wrong until my dad saved me by buying a very nice non-carry-on sized backpack (thanks dad!)

I think I've actually reversed my position on that. It's actually really nice to just take the tiny plug-in backpack on the plane and not have to worry about trying to cram it into an overhead locker, even if Ryanair do want to charge us 30 pounds for the privilege. Like I can actually keep my stuff under my seat. Somehow, checking baggage just seems more elegant in that respect.

Huh. I guess I ended up talking about logistics after all.

(One thing before I go: Haydn, I think I owe you a shoutout... this rate, we're never going to make orbit.)

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