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02 July 201410:34AMeurope-2014travel

So I was the designated organiser for this section of the trip. And being the organiser is stressful. The only other thing I'll say about that is that it seems absurd to me that you can get on an international flights with nothing but a passport and a smartphone, but apparently it is in fact possible. I picked a kickass hostel though.

abigails hostel

Check in was at 2pm, and we got to the hostel at 12, so naturally the first thing we did is go to an Irish pub. In a stunning display of not-messing- around (which, if you know how these things tend to go with us, is even more amazing), Grace straight up ordered six pints of Guinness. This was an excellent decision. Even though it was lunchtime. I was not expecting to like Guinness, but I was wrong. I don't have the language to describe it. I guess, pleasantly... creamy? Wholesome? And nowhere near as bitter as I was expecting. As I said, I have not the words to describe it, but put it this way, I doubt I'll be drinking anything else while we're here.


I think I like Dublin. For starters, people laugh at my jokes. This is a big deal, because my standard mode of talking with your 'customer service' types is friendly banter. In London, I got nothing but blank stares. I don't think Londoners quite know how to deal with banter. So far, everyone here - even notoriously humourless customs agents - has at least responded in kind, if not actually initiated the exchange in the first place.

Christ church cathedral

I think there's an optimal size for cities, and Dublin about hits it. London is impossibly big. There is no way you can hold London as a place, or as a set of places, in your head, without getting just a little bit lost. Dublin fits. It's human scale. It's comprehensible. Geographically, at least. I think if you were to try and reconcile a very colourful history things would quickly get more complicated.

the river liffey

We went out on a Monday night, in the middle of Temple Bar, which is sort of, I gather, a cross between the drinking precinct and the cultural precinct. There were buskers, and people everywhere, and music coming from every single pub. Even though it was a Monday night, and even though this is a country that's been invaded and colonised and terrorised and bankrupted, there are still people living the shit out of life. I think the Irish have their priorities straight. The Irish understand what's important in life. Music, and beer, and literature, and they're fine with that. I think I might be too.

temple bar at night

It's hard to be sure, and harder to nail it down in words. I think what I'm trying to say is that I think I like it here.


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